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I Choose to Not Buy Centerplate Products


I am a huge dog  and overall animal fan. I have on numerous occasions told people that my pure black German Shepherd Hansel was my DFF (Dog Friend Forever). Animals have dotted my entire life and sometimes I do get an affliction of treating them almost like another human.

images (7)So maybe it is just me, but I’m appalled at the recent video surfaced on August 21st showing a man with his dog on a leash basically beating discipline into his dog while traveling in a closed elevator while staying at a hotel in Vancouver, BC.

Sure we all have disciplined our pets, but not while they are seated on an elevator floor and by kicks to their middle regions or applying foot to hind quarters. For me it was a newspaper slight pop and putting their nose near their badly placed deposits. And neither of these actions were done out of anger, frustrations or even a hint of hurting my beloved pet. 

Subsequently after the British Columbia SPCA viewed the actions a search warrant was issued for Desmond Hague the current CEO of Centerplate Inc., which is the largest food services vendor that provides food options for us locally at Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Lightning, Orlando Magic games and at many other major sports venues in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

images (5)Even though the investigation into the animal abuse case involving Hague is on-going, it will be interesting to see how this event will effect in-stadium sales for Centerplate for the rest of the baseball season and possibly hurt the conglomerate during the upcoming MLB post season.

Hague has issued an apology for his actions, but maybe it is a bit too late to possibly fend off the extremely negative effect such actions will have on devote animal loving fans and if the vendor will feel any significant financial pains while the case is open.

I can definitely see fans possibly making a choice in the coming weeks by possibly invoking an in-stadium silent protest and just stroll by the Centerplate booths instead buying their food items at Centerplate vendors located within your stadium or arena.

images (2)Centerplate also caters the Rays VIP areas like the suite area, Dex Imaging Home Plate Club, Hancock Bank Club, 162 Landing, Papa John’s Bullpen Box, Left Field Terrace, and new Back Porch group seating areas. They also provide food and beverage items for the Everglades Brewhouse and the Rays Press Club.

 But even if you feel Centerplate should feel some sort of financial pain because of their CEO’s disregard, the vendor might not be the only one to feel less dollars in their pocket because of this animal abuse.

A lot of the charities or team organizations also run booths that have to use Centerplate food and drink items and they could also feel a significant pinch to their fundraising efforts if fans decide to boycott buying in-stadium food or beverage items.

images (4)Even worse, the beer, ice cream and cotton candy vendors who patrol both the bowl and upper deck areas are independent contractors who do not work for Centerplate but work on a commission basis when they sell you that cool beverage or neon-colored cotton candy. Such a protest could affect them.

So if you do plan a silent protest of Centerplate please be sure decide individually who you want to hurt the most.

You are permitted to bring outside food into Tropicana Field as long as they fit into these parameters. All items must be for individual or single family consumption. The items should be wrapped, bagged or contained in individual proportions in a soft-sided container not to exceed 16 in. by 16 in. by 8 inches. Only sealed water bottles no larger than 1 liter and child single-serving juice boxes are permitted into the stadium.

images (6)I’m a firm believer in discipline in your animals, but not by forcing fear of physical retaliation into their training or projecting violent interactions with an animal that can’t defend or speak for themselves.  

My actions is in no way a negative reflection on the Rays overall organization, their staff and hope my stand is not viewed as a disapproval of their connection with Centerplate because no one could of seen this event coming without psychic ability.

But I feel strongly about this issue and have decided to partake in this action on my own, but if others want to follow my action……

As of this moment, and during the rest of the Rays 2014 season (which hopefully extends into October), I personally do not plan on buying a single food or drink item from a Centerplate operated stand.  

downloadI do however plan to show support for the volunteer fundraising organizations throughout the Trop. by donating to their cause via tips not food or drink purchases, the tips will never touch the hands of Centerplate and will be the sole monetary property of that organization.

The fundraising organizations should not be collateral damage for this event and hopefully will see a lot more tips coming their way.

I’m going to eat before I hit the stadium for a while and lug around a 1-liter bottle of Aquafina I purchased before entering Tropicana Field. It is as much in a sign of protest as it is cheaper on my wallet overall and will give me my own small sense of doing the right thing.

I worked with Centerplate for many years as their Pepsi representative and most of the employees, supervisors and managers are good people who would or could not do such actions privately.  

I am venting my disgust upwards way beyond their pay grades to the highest level who has done the unthinkable in my opinion. I am not an active animal right activist, but I do believe in the fair treatment of all creatures not mosquito, brown recluse spider or cockroach, but that is just me.

download (1)Unfortunately I do not have the means or proper media influence to let the visiting fans coming into the Trop know about this event. But hopefully the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Orioles, Yankees and White Sox faithful are abreast of the Centerplate situation and will take their own actions.

Hopefully Hague will get what coming to him in the coming months, but even in Canada you can’t strike Hague in punishment with the same swiftness he hit his defenseless dog.

Batter’s Eye Restaurant to evolve into Everglades BBQ Smokehouse




Since the opening of Tropicana Field, it has been an iconic part of the landscape of this unique domed stadium. It’s dark tinted windows concealing plenty of zealous Rays and visiting fans perched just above dead Centerfield.

It was one of the only a few restaurants options right off the playing field that I know of in Major League Baseball that seems to be so perfectly placed for dining fans to get that “up close and personal feel”, almost like they are just hovering above Tampa Bay Rays CF B J Upton’s left shoulder. I know the San Diego Padres havea their own Batter’s Eye Pavilion, but it is not a sit-down restaurant concept. 

Sure every MLB stadium has it’s own special type of dining experience for game day fans, but none were perched within feet of the playing surface, or who give you a chance to hear the bang of a long Home Run bouncing on or down its roof during a MLB game. I still remember the first time I ate in the restaurant during Batting Practice and watched the action from above the playing surface.

9745.jpgThe Batter’s Eye Restaurant has been for years one of the most unique dining experiences inside Tropicana Field where you could dine before, or during a Rays game in the luxurious setting of a tasty and gourmet ballpark inspired menu. The restaurant was a famous stop for Rays fans before the games also for their ala carte menu and their free Wine Tasting gatherings during 2010.

The Rays and their concessionaire Centerplate tried during 2010 to revive the old dining glory by offering unique Diamond and Platinum game buffets when the concession lines used to overflow with hungry fans. They event tried to get the casual Friday night fans into the CF icon with $ 19 buffets with everything a ballpark menu should be. And Saturday nights the Restaurant offered a dining experience at $34 dollars per person which bordered on a gastronomical ballpark menagerie.


Heck their Sunday brunch buffet (my favorite) even offered made to order omelette’s, entrees, salads great pasties at a affordable $26 a head. It was one of the great meet and greet places before the Sunday matinée games with seating available the moment the gates opened at 11 am. But all that is going into the Rays history book this April. A big change is about to happen to that huge Batting Practice target as the Rays open their 2011 season.

Thumbnail image for steaknfire.jpgGone will be some of the posh and exclusive dining atmosphere as the Rays and Centerplate have remodeled the location and turned it into the Everglades BBQ Steakhouse.

The new Rays BBQ experience will again offer an external simplified Everglades BBQ menu that can be purchased ala carte at select concession stands in the First Base Food Court and the Right Field Street area for an BBQ-insipred moments for attendees of Rays games.

But you can bet this step back towards a more casual “family-style” dining experience will be an instant hit with the Rays Republic as the menu will feature such Southern classics as pork, ribs, chicken and wings smoked fresh daily on site at Tropicana Field by the Rays/Centerplate culinary team. There will also be barbecue favorites like corn on the cob, potato wedges and a few unique dessert options.

The Batter’s Eye held it’s last “official” function during the Rays Fan Fest as the site of Joe Maddon’s “Thanksmas” celebration and Q&A session. It is a bit sad to see the old concept go, but it might have outlived its Rays usefulness. In its place will be a vibrant, new and exciting concept that will offer its food creation both inside and outside the restaurant for Rays fans to enjoy.

URyaTo3S.jpgI am actually looking forward to the new BBQ concept that will bring back a few of the great food items lost when the American Plate and Chef Enzo did not return to bring buckets of BBQ ribs and Southern inspired creations to my taste buds on a nightly basis.

Got to give the Rays and Centerplate a huge round of applause for again providing that missing Southern food element back into my game day experience. Hopefully it will explode into one of those “must have” food selections for visitors and fans to the Trop that will entice, entertain and become a new Rays ballpark tradition…just like those old Batter’s Eye Sunday brunch buffets…. only this time it will be finger licking good.



A Public Crime, or a Bad Publicity Stunt?

Deadspin/ M J Morning Show

Got to say, the recent story on Deadspin about the kid being offered a (alleged) beer during a Tampa Bay Rays game had me thinking the worst until I noticed a  glitch in the second picture from the next seating section. If this photographer had taken both pictures (not) of a child holding the (alleged) beer in his hand with no photos of any motion towards his mouth in any of the photos.

There has been more than one mention in a local circle that a local Morning Show from a Tampa-based radio station first posted and provided these photos, are probably the culprits in this whole sham episode. How many Rays fans remember a few years back when M J and a show cohort pulled off a possible marriage photo in the local fish wrap, The St. Petersburg Times weekly Wedding section. No one was any the wiser before the Morning Show came out and confessed that it was a staged stunt and that it was done to attract listeners.

I suspect this is another dysfunctional adventure in the ever-changing escapades of M J and his bunch of co-hosts. There are too many holes and inconsistent actions by the photographer (Gabriels wife) who took these photos to be anything but either a staged event, or one where the cooperation and participation of the two subjects (one a minor, the other an adult) might have netted them a bit of notoriety, but not Internet stardom…sorry.

First, it was stated that Gabriel (if that is your real name) saw the young Rays fan during last Saturday night’s game with a golden-colored beverage in his hand after the adult in attendance with him at the game came back with two beverages. The first thing that puzzles me is the positioning of “Gabriel” to the two subjects in question ( 1 row behind them). If you are that close, wouldn’t you as an adult question the other adult for making such a blatant mistake in judgment as to giving a child a beverage he can not have for possibly another 11 years?

According to “Gabriel”, the adult told the child “Here is yours”. That in itself doesn’t bring  a huge amount of credibility to it being an alcoholic beverage at all. And gold-colored drinks are not always what you might expect. If you really take a sharp look at the photos, there is not presence of beer bubbles lining the sides or bottom of the cup at all, which as all adults know, is the fun additive of CO2 to perk up our favorite concoctions.

The St. Petersburg Times article states that “Gabriel” did not confront the adult in question even though the action itself is considered  a crime called “Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor”. But another neighboring Rays concerned fan contacted a member of Rays Security, probably after some prodding and chatter from “Gabriel”.

Secondly, Rays Security did look into the situation and probably found that the beverage was not what it appeared to be, and left it at that. If it had been a alcoholic beverage, you can be sure there are Rays game day procedures in place for a Rays Security Supervisor to investigate the situation, then make his recommendation to either discard the issue, or consult with the multitudes of St. Petersburg Police Department personnel at every Rays game.

Deadspin/M J Morning Show

If the beverage in question was (allegedly) beer, the proper authorities, like the St. Petersburg Police and Rays Fan Host personnel would have escorted both the adult and child to another location to conclude their evaluation of the event.

Third, as a former Pepsi Special Events Coordinator who had Tropicana Field as one of my major accounts for many years, I know that the bar areas of Tropicana Field do not put Ginger Ale, Club Soda or Tonic Water in regular Pepsi paper cups that are used primarily for  Pepsi carbonated soda beverages. The Trop. does however use a clear plastic 16 oz cup for beverages purchased in the bar locations in conjunction with a fountain gun system connected to either to a 5-gallon post-mix Bag-in-the-Box, or a 5-gallon pre-mix tank located somewhere in that bar area.
Lastly, if it was truly an adult beverage, surely the Rays fan to the right of the child in question would have at least mentioned the fact or accosted the adult for their inappropriate actions. The fact that Rays Security decided not to press the issue shows that it was investigated, and deemed to be a beverage other than a cold Coors Light or Miller Lite.

I sometimes personally buy a cranberry and pineapple juice from one of the bar locations in Tropicana Field. It doesn’t have a lick of alcohol, but does have a indication of being a mixed drink. But if I was to let me daughter or a small child drink from that beverage, I can see it being misidentified as an adult beverage and the level of concern would rise accordingly.

also used to buy from my Pepsi location Ginger Ale, Tonic and Club Soda by the case in 10 oz glass bottles for use mainly in their party areas as mixers for adult beverages. But they have also been put into cups and given to children who might have upset stomach or ate too much cotton candy. 
This could be a secondary origin of the (alleged) adult beverage in question.

Deadspin/ M J Morning Show

Glass bottles are not permitted in the seating bowl of Tropicana Field, so it could have been poured into that size cup by a stadium concession stand worker or a Rays bartender. In stadium beer vendor in the stands do not carry that size cups with them, or have access to that size cups for beverages. Either way, it is highly unlikely that with more than one adult near this child that a (alleged(beer) would have been given and consumed within plain sight at a Rays game.

Also, we are forgetting that it might have been a beverage, like apple juice brought in by the adult since sealed juice items can be brought into Tropicana Field for consumption by the Rays young fans. The adult could have gotten the cup from a bar stand vendor after purchasing his own adult beverage. My personal opinion, it is another promotional sham/scam by M J and his cronies, and this one is not funny at all.

Under age drinking is a crime, and carries some heavy penalties and future restrictions for adults violating such restrictions. No one in their right mind would give a full cup, or even a sip of their beer to a minor in a controlled environment like A Rays game unless they either wanted to be caught, or were trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes. Sorry M J, the sober Rays fans see right through you……clearly.

Saluting the Rays New Wine Gameday Selections

It has been a While since the Tampa Bay Rays , Centerplate held their introductory Wine Tasting party. It was held on Wednesday, May 26,2010 before the Red Sox versus Rays game from 6pm-7pm in a quaint little nook in the back of the Batter’s Eye Restaurant. It was kind of odd to me to promote a wine tasting party during the Boston series, but the event was well received and included a variety of six wine selections that can be purchased while at Rays games this season.

The event was formulated by Centerplate and their main wine distributor, Zachys to promote the new addition of wine bar carts and improved wine beverage selections throughout Tropicana Fields concourses by offering glasses of great wines, and also including the option of purchasing a entire bottle at the Batter’s Eye Restaurant during their daily seating before and during the Rays games.

The line began to gather the minute the Rays let the crowds in at 5:10 pm and we immediately saw a nice snake line forming at the bottom of the escalator in anticipation of the Wine Tasting event. I sat there talking to a few people who had already tried a few of the new wines being offered tonight, and got a pretty glowing recommendation to try the Sciarpa Prosecco Sparkling wine to begin my wine journey as it would clean my palate and get my tastes buds ready for a new adventure.

Now I am not a huge wine adventurer, and so I went into the Batter’s Eye that night with a hint of hesitation, but also a need to learn something new And inviting. This might be As close as I ever get to Napa Valley or any wine growing region outside of my local ABC Liquor or wine store clerk recommending any special bottle or vintage. But I was up for the challenge, and ready to be pleasantly surprised and amazed.


I did start with the Sciarpa Prosecco ( $9.50/glass, $38.00/bottle) as my fellow line mates had suggested and was surprised by the wild by light-bodied notions in the wine of orange rinds, honeyed grapefruit that proved very effervescent and had a gentle kick to it. It definitely went fantastic with the plate of assorted cheeses, banana peppers and assorted meats and crackers set out for the sampling masses. The sales representative from Zachrys was very helpful in my selections throughout the events and also made recommendations as to the best cheese and meat that might accompany the wines.

The second selection I tried that night was a Sciarpa Pinto Grigio ($ 8.00/glass, $32.00/bottle). This white wine selection had a really medium bodied taste and a great set of aromatics. The Zachry’s rep added this interpretation of the selection, “The Sciarpa Pinto Grigio adds a sweet core of fruit elements with an embracing stream of minerality “. Wow, tell me that did not sound like something you had to try at least once. And the sales rep were more than eager to teach and show some of us novices the proper and elegant way to expose the wine’s flavors.
The third selection was a selection from the Box O’ Bird vineyard in Napa Valley. Got to tell you, the name had me at first glance as this Sauvignon Blanc ($ 10.00/glass, $39.00/bottle) definitely brought up a huge fruit bouquet in the wine with hints of grapefruit, passion fruit and some mango essence. The wine representative told me that it scored a 91 in 10/2009 from the Sonoma Wine Journal and I could see why with it light and airy body.


The fourth selection had to wait a moment as Tropicana Field’s Executive Chef Joshua St Pierre and Executive Sous Chef James Boyd had entered the wine tasting area with waiters serving some of Tropicana Field’s new 2010 food items for our sampling during the event. The waiters mingled and enticed us with samplings of the Andouille Cajun spiced Po’ Boy, Spicy Shrimp Po’ Boy and the incredible Mahi Mahi fish tacos sold in the right field Street and First Base food courts at the stadium.

My fourth selection, another California wine from Sonoma Valley was from the Finnegan’s Lake winery and was a wild and bold Carbernet Sauvignon ($9.00/glass, $36.00/bottle) that went perfect with the Andouille sample as it was picked tonight for tasting for its great compliment to burgers, sausages and even hot dogs. Of course outside the stadium it would pair great with BBQ and steak, but today was all about the ballpark fare.

I then decided to try for my fifth selection another California winery selection, the Barbara d’Asti ‘Lavignone’ also know as Pico Miccario. ($10.00/glass, $40.00/bottle). This wine by far the most pungent in its bouquet that had slight aromas of raspberries, rosemary, dried basil and hyacinth. But there was one flavoring I could not pick out clearly and the wine representative told me it was macerated strawberry underlying melodies. Got to tell you, got a royal introductory wine terminology and flavor notes initiation tonight.

That fifth selection also went fantastic with the artisan cheese and meat platter set out for our sampling. But I saved the best for last, because this one was a pungent lip-smacking red wine that almost knocked my socks off. The only problem is that this Stella Grey Napa Valley Red ($42.00/bottle) will only be available for sit down dining options throughout Tropicana Field venues. But the huge notes of plum, blackberries, graphite and sandalwood definitely makes you take notice of this full-bodied red wine.


So as I began to end my trek into the fine wine selections that can now be purchased in wine bars and at adult beverage locations within Tropicana Field, I can definitely tell you my nose was itchy. For I am one of those people who usually doesn’t partake of any stimulants or adult beverages before a game, but tonight I did it for my fellow members of the Rays Republic. I have to say in closing that the people at Centerplate are trying to reach that other segment of the Rays public who like to have a nice glass of wine with their baseball, and these six selections more than do the trick.

These are not your garden variety Sutter Homes or even the fine tuned wines from the famed Coppola winery. These selections were fine tuned and picked especially for the fans of the surging Rays. And with that, let me raise a glass high and send a message to Zachry’s and Centerplate that you hosted a first class event, and one I hope to again see in the future. I have never been a big wine drinker, but there are a few of those selections I might be looking for some September to toast and salute another run into late October. ….Salute!


Catch Some New Rays Food Options


Maniac shoot |

It is only a matter of hours before I get to again strut through the doors into my second home from Spring to Fall. Only a few ticks of the clock before I can again see some of the new and exciting changes within the concrete walls of Tropicana Field, and again see our hometown Tampa Bay Rays take the field.

Some might call it a “dress rehearsal” since we come back in only a few days to do it for real and begin the 2010 Major League Baseball season on Tuesday, April 6th at 6:10 pm. But these last Spring games in which the Rays invite the Rays faithful back into the Trop to see a Spring Training game are more than just rehearsals to me.
They usually are a good time for me to wander all around the halls and by-ways of the stadium and try and seek out the new and unusual around Tropicana Field. It might be something as simple as a new coat of paint, or even a new vending area, but usually I can smell the changes even before I turn the corner in Right or Left Field Street, or even take a step up or two towards the First Base or Third Base concourse areas. The biggest changes to the Trop this past off season might be in the food selections.

In the past we have seen a few well known favorites of the Trop come and go like the Columbia Restaurant booth near the Rotunda that went poof into the night one off season, or even the home cooking favorite, the American Plate that featured the great Southern style BBQ ribs, meatloaf, roasted chicken and either peach or apple cobblers produced in house by local Chef Enzo.

Both were truly missed when it was discovered they would not return. But in 2010, the Rays main concessionaire, Centerplate went above and beyond the call to provide some new tasty options to Rays fans.


And the first great thing Centerplate did this past off season was remember where they were located. With water caressing the shores on all three sides of Pinellas County, in the past, seafood has been mostly a fried grouper sandwich in one of the First Base concession stands, and this great fresh food option has been lost in the shuffle. But this off season the group decided that they should embrace this segment of everyday Florida life, and also provide an extra seafood treat to visiting fans who might not get the chance to sample great Florida seafood on their short visits.

But first Centerplate did something really smart, and really wise in hiring a Chef who has been called the “fish whisperer” by the New York Time, Chef David Pasternick. He has such a flair for the love of fresh seafood ingredients, Pasternick has been known to personally go out into the local New York City waters and troll for his daily fresh fish specials himself before finally preparing them for his dining patrons at his New York bistro Esca. His restaurant is known for its creativity and originality in regards to fresh products from the sea, and some critics call it a “seafood Mecca”.


So it was a bit of a seafood coup for the Centerplate big brass to get the 2004 James Beard Foundation Best Chef Award winner to step into the confines of the kitchens of Tropicana Field and submit his own signature on some of this region’s most bountiful food items. And from his brainstorming sessions, Pasternick came up with a few more fresh options for Rays fans in 2010. And he used two of his favorite regions of the United States to bring these new ingredients into the Trop’s menu offering, and none of them involve a fryer or hot oil like our old staple, the grouper sandwich.

Actually, the two new food stands that have popped up in different sections of Tropicana Field will be a well sought after alternative to the usual ballpark food, and ones I will definitely hit within the first week of games this season. The first will be located about 30 paces down the stairs from my current Season Ticket seats just in the Rightfield Street section of Tropicana Field, just to your left if you enter at the Rotunda/Gate 1 entrance and then follow the smell of great cooking fish and spicy sausages.

You will then quickly notice the new sign for Ti (Cajun for little) Dave’s Po’ Boys which grew out of Chef Pasternick’s extreme love and admiration for the cultural foods of the New Orleans region of the country. Here you can sample two distinctive designed Po’ Boy sandwiches were are a common staple of living in New Orleans, with a added flair of Chef Pasternick’s bold use of flavors to kick your taste buds into third gear.

The stand will offer both a marinated and grilled shrimp sandwich as well as an artisan andouille sausage concoction. Both will also be topped with a zesty slaw and a specially spicy Creole mustard and both will be served on a traditional French baquette. And if those two items did not get your mouth watering, Ti Dave’s will also offer his version of Dave’s famous Cajun Fries, which will be French fries served extra crispy with a special Cajun country blend of herb and spices. Some people might say this stand’s fries will make most people forget about the 2009 fan favorite the garlic fries, and will become one of the “must have” items in 2010 when attending a Rays game.

And that is one of the important reasons to bring someone of Chef Pasternick’s expertise to Tropicana Field. To get you to try something different and exciting while also watching the same excitement on the playing field this season.


But some people might flock just as much to his second stand, that will be located in the First Base Concession area just beyond the walls of the First Base seating areas. The Fresco Fish Taco stand might just turn out to be one of those instant favorites for people looking for a healthier and more refreshing food option this season. The stand will feature a fresh fish taco either in a soft or hard shell filled with great grilled Mahi Mahi that will be topped with a piquant cabbage coleslaw and extra warm tortilla chips. Also available will be the option of either having a fresh tropical mango salsa, or a creamy queso dip to accompany the taco.

As an added bonus at both booth will be a localized adult beverage selection that was tailored to the regional menu of both locations. Ti Dave’s Po’ Boys will feature Louisiana’s own Abita beer, which is brewed in a local brewery about 30 miles north of New Orleans. The first bottle of this craft beer left the brewery in 1986 and has become an instant favorite with beer collectors. The second new beer selection also shared a nickname with Rays First Baseman Carlos Pena, as El Presidente beer will make its entry into Tropicana Field and be offered exclusively at the Fresco Fish Taco stand. El Presidente, which is brewed in the Dominican Republic has been a favorite resort beverage for vacationers to the Caribbean nation.


But that is not the only new beverage options to enter Tropicana Field. In 2010,Centerplate will also open several wine bars around the stadium to bring another beverage option to the adults attending Rays games. These are only two of the first options and swaps going on within Tropicana Field this season. You can look forward to more changes and upgrades to both the menu offerings and choices within the stadium in the near future. With the food industry leaning towards more health conscious items and fresh ingredients, the Rays and Centerplate will work in harmony to also provide these options to patron of the Rays soon.

So there you go. A few new food options you might consider tonight before the last Spring Training game against the New York Mets, or maybe even on Tuesday night when the Rays officially open their 2010 season against the Baltimore Orioles. Two distinctively different options that have not been available before in Tropicana Field, and ones that are sure to become very popular in 2010.

I know I my mouth is already watering in anticipation of getting either a shrimp or andouille sausage baquette tonight while I sit in my seats. Maybe I might even wash them down with some besides Dr Pepper for a change…..Now that is the ticket to a true food experience, plus the added spice of great baseball played in front of me by our Rays.