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Evan, Is There Something We Should Know?



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When Tampa Bay Rays Third Baseman Evan Longoria first came up to the Major Leagues, every time he ventured into Yankee Stadium or even Fenway Park you could hear very audible in the background throughout the assembled crowd the eerie chants of “Eva” coming from the stands.

Even when the Rays were on the wrong side of the scoreboard the chants and giggles just seemed to just keep come from all around him positioning him ever so closer with the always beautiful actress Eva Longoria. It was the ironic price of fame that Longoria had to endure every away game that first season. In time, the cackles and chants died down a bit as Longoria (Evan) showed his wares and talents and possibly gained a little respect from the baseball World outside of Tampa Bay.


Reps Confirm Evan Longoria and Tony Parker’s Divorce Official


The pure fact their neither of the “Longoria’s” are even remotely related to each other, and might have even now never met one-on-one even in a sidewalk encounter simply makes the above headline taken from The even more….well simply hilarious.

The simple fact that Longoria (Evan) has been accused of procuring more than a few avid female’s cell phone numbers for future use makes the Tony Parker rumor more valid. Why would Parker want to even spend a moment bird-dogging with Longoria (Evan) as he is trying to cut ties with another Longoria (Eva) in the state of Texas?

But you can see Parker’s want to be with Longoria (Evan) after his small social experience mishap in Boston in the not so recent past, where Longo “was accused of calling or texting one of the objects of his late night affection while in Beantown to see if she might want to….maybe take in a late night I-Hop visit much to the chagrin of the female’s Boston boyfriend. So you could see the possibility of a Longoria switch-a-roo, but again I digress.

But Longo is beginning to learn how to use his smile and charm to his advantage. Everyone has seen Longo’s New Era cap commercial by now, and the young blond on the Tampa cable car in that commercial shot definitely looked a bit shy and taken back when Longoria introduced himself to her.


Still even a website like The can somehow get him confused with a “Desperate Housewife” even if he is taller and more masculine. But Longoria (Evan) has been taken a few fashion pointers from former Rays GQ aficionado Carlos Pena, and his wardrobe thanks Pena for it.Considering Longo has also been a long time supporter and participant of the Rays Wives annual Fashion Show held yearly at the trendy Nordstrom’s at the International Plaza in Tampa, possibly the two Longoria might soon indeed have more than just a name in common. But I am not sure if I would ever consider Longoria (Evan) a fashion icon, but people can change.

Even in all of this fun that is being poked here towards Longoria (Eva) about this headline mishap, the fact remains that forever in his Rays career (and beyond), Longoria (Evan) will always be just one letter away from being referred to as “Eva”. Heck, I was curious why someone at the recent 2011 Bob Hope Celebrity Golf Classic did not ask the golf attired Longoria (Evan) what he thought of his upcoming divorce decree?


Even in 2010, late in a game against the Red Sox in Fenway Park the crowd hushed down a bit and a lone “Eva” came down from the crowd. The Longoria’s will possibly always be linked in a small way for the rest of their careers. Evan for his lack of Eva’s fashion sense or Eva for not being able to turn a nifty 6-4-3 Double Play.Maybe missed the boat in that encounter. It would have made for an interesting sound byte for sure. I can see more than a few Rays teammates in the coming weeks strolling up to Longoria on the Rays Spring practice fields only to ask Longoria (Evan) once,….”How is Tony?”


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