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Looking Back at the Rays 2010 Concert Series…Part 2



So after a few days getting over a slight bit of misfortune of food poisoning eating some I relish…a hot dog, Ironically, it was my last hot dog of the year at a local High School football game against a bitter inner-city rival that took me down…Figures, thanks Northeast H S.

No more stalling, time to get this final edition of the Rays 2010 Concert Photos underway. One of the greatest thing I like about music is that the first few song of the musician’s sets are sometimes pre-programmed to get the crowd into a rising energy so that the concert can take a particular flow throughout the night.

The first seven concerts of the 2010 Rays Friday Fest and Rays/Hess Express Saturday Night Concert Series definitely set of tone for the final second half. From John Fogerty to Barenaked Ladies, the Rays concert events began and uphill turn that never ended to the last event of the year, Bret Michaels. Each of the 14 concerts this year left a special mark with me. I was lucky to take photos during 12 of the 14 Rays concerts and get in tune with practicing my concert photography.


I am not a professional photographer, and my little Fuji S5100 has seen better days (Thanks drunken Yankee fan), but I think I do the best with what I got. Sure would love a $ 4,000+ Canon or Nikon camera body and a lens as long as my arm, but that is not in the slim, money-less budget right now. Now back to the awesome years in Rays music.



Vanilla Ice did not attract as many to the Trop’s infield as I might have thought for his concert, but it was the most high energy event of the year. Vanilla Ice has changed his modes operandi to push more towards the hard guitar and drumbeats that pumped through the crowd like a large heartbeat. Combine that with the (I thought) whimsical idea of Vanilla Ice trying to get the photographers’ wet, and you get a audience/photog participation event. This was the first of three straight Friday Fest concerts that would hit all spectrums of the music World, and it hit on all levels.

Sure most in the front photo pit with me that day did not totally see eye-to-eye with the whole water and expensive cameras’ bit, but I was laughing and having a good time dodging the 20 ounces of unexpected water, and a few time Vanilla Ice looked down and smiled at me that I seemed to have understood it was part of his method…or his madness. It was tied for my favorite Rays concert offering of the season, and a great way to push off the second half of the concert schedule.


Of course there was one concert missing from this list this season, and I want to send out good vibes hoping that GoGo’s guitarist Jane Wiedlin recovers perfectly from her ACL injury sustained when she fell while hiking near her home in California. With up to a year recovery time for such an injury, hopefully we can again see the GoGo’s possibly perform in the future. It is a great concert event that I have not missed (even in Jannus Landing) since the band first started coming to the Tampa Bay area.



Los Lobos is one of those bands that I do not think would have ever hit y musical tastes if not for their great rendition of the classic Ritchie Valens “La Bamba“. I also would not have known that recent Oscar winner T-Bone Burnett produced their first album “How Will the Wolf Survive” and one of the songs from that album is playing over the opening credits to the Sean Penn/Robert DeNiro classic “Colors“.

My first tastes in live music were preserved in a small beachside bar in Maderia Beach, Florida that a certain well known Florida ocean troubadour used to frequent named Jimmy Buffett when he came up to see his band pal Mike Utley.

I got used to hearing tunes that flowed with the waves and just seemed to roll in the ears and settle for a while to sit and ponder things. I got the same vibe from this Friday Fest concert by Los Lobos. It might have been more refined to a South Texas border town that a beach resort on the Gulf of Mexico, but the whole time I was wishing for a boat drink…or a shot of Avion (thanks Entourage).



The next Rays Friday Fest event featured a band that to this point had to be the most audience involved and totally choreographed dancers of the Rays concert series. Felt kind of eerie at first covering the Village People concert more for the fact of having to remember what I wore back then, and seeing myself again with long curly hair, but I took one for the team here.

Seriously, it was a great event in that we got to see most of the original members of the band still out there supporting their music and dancing their well known routines. But it did seem a bit unusual to me to see rhinestones and glitter on a construction worker…just saying.

It was another high energy night and a great moment if you are fond of the 1970’s or even want to remember back that far. I even found a bit of glitter all over me camera when I took it out of my backpack when I got home. As a nice sidebar to this concert, after I posted my concert review, the Indian from the Village People actually Direct Messaged me on Twitter with a cordial thank you for covering the event. It was a great time in my life, so maybe I should thank him again for helping remember some great moments in my life sans the platform shoes.



Train really did roll in to the Trop for the next concert event. This is one of those bands right now that are right on the cusp and thoughts of so many in the music World because of their song “Hey Soul Sister” plus the million of samplings of the song in countless commercials and advertisements Worldwide right now.

Train front man Pat Monahan also did one of the coolest things I have ever seen done ( so far) during a concert when he posted two pictures of the crowd during their song “If It’s Love” that I still have as my desktop background on my aging laptop. Monahan also became the second performer to do an infield sprint around the Trop when he started an impromptu walkabout from the stage to the area near the Visitor’s dugout.

Reminded me a lot of the same run M C Hammer had done two years earlier, but Monahan seemed more at ease strolling amongst the 4,000+ fans on the Rays Field Turf.



Allison Iraherta was not originally suppose to open for Adam Lambert, but Orianthi had to pull out of the opening act gig after some family situations. Iraherta still looks a bit nervous and wooden on stage, but her music more than makes up for any sense of clumsiness or irrational movements on stage. But the raspy voice of this young woman definitely makes you remember her voice and her music.

She has one of those resounding voices that brings back memories of past singers like Janis Joplin or even Joan Baez. Iraherta will definitely be on that “one to watch” list, and opening for Lambert will get you some extra exposure she desperately needs to get noticed beyond her huge American Idol triumphs. In time the stage set will mellow out and become more fined, and with that the star in the center of the stage belting out those tunes will shine brighter.



What can you say about Adam Lambert’s concert. Well, I guess my concert review was good enough to still be placed on his International website and with that came over 78 comments within 24 hours. Got to tell you I always know bands have their followers, but this guy definitely has an army ready, willing and able to carry out his wishes. But the concert was even more amazing to me than the response by his followers. It really was stage musical to me. Set with great costumes, gyrating dancers and spectacular musicians playing some incredible music.

For effect, this concert was tied for the best concert event (with Vanilla Ice) of the year for me. It has a little bit of everything to it. And the wildest part is that one of my photos was also popped on the Lambert website and I took it from over 100 yards away since this is one of the two concerts I did not get approved for ahead of time…how ironic is that.

But it was a fantastic journey of music performed by Lambert, and his dancers brought a great melding of it all together into something worthy of the Broadway stage. Some might say it is more of a stage show than a concert, but I remind you that David Bowie and countless other have done just the same thing for a long, long time.



Last, but definitely not least is the Rays Saturday Night Concert I was waiting for all year. The climax at the end where I got to see another artists that every time he comes into the Tampa Bay area as a solo artist, I am in the crowd. The last time was in a more fan-friendly environment of Ruth Eckerd Hall, but no matter where you put him, Bret Michaels is all about the music and a good time.

When the announcement was originally made near the end of May, it might have seemed to ambitious or even ill advised for Michaels to throw himself back into his musical tour so early after his health situations, but that is one of things that endears you to him…his strength, fan commitment and his desire to do what he loves to do….sing to the masses.

Some might say the night was not as energetic or the usual ” Bret Michaels” show. But to me it was a celebrate of his music and a way for all of us to send some healing vibes and also sing a few classic tunes that always stick in our minds. Michaels even did the Country version of “Every Rose Has Its Thorns“, and it was taken in by the crowd like it was the original. For myself, it was the perfect ending to the Rays 2010 concert series. I was taken photos of a rock icon who had taken a dirty and dangerous road of medical problems and whisked them away like road dust to sing.


Some say these Rays concerts were devised for the pure sake of escalating Rays attendance figures and bolstering their overall yearly numbers while most of the Major League Baseball teams were experiencing up to 6-10 percent decreases in their yearly attendance numbers.

Sure that reasoning is true, but I kind of look at it another way. It is also a way for the Rays entire staff and the Rays Republic to collectively celebrate this great team we have here, and also enjoy some great music.

Thank You Rays for this year’s Concert Series. Looking forward to another killer schedule in 2011.

Rays Photo Homage to Past Celebrity and Musical Guests


It is one of those photo collages that takes your breathe away when you first see it. Basically the magnitude of the talent and faces that have crossed within the confines of Tropicana Field is amazing. Sure we might not have Kate Hudson in our stands every night, but she was here when the New York Yankees touched down within Tampa Bay for a few games. And people like John Cusack and author Stephen King have also been known to try and sneak in a Rays game without a lot of attention.

But the photo collage on the concourse wall right behind the Home Plate 102-104 sections of seating in Tropicana Field shows just how much music, motion picture stars and great moments we have endured over the last few seasons. From the moment the Rays concluded their November 2007 unveiling of their new logo and uniforms, to the upcoming Hess Express/Rays Saturday Night Concert Series featuring John Fogerty, the team has shown both talent on the field, as well as on the Concert stage. And the list of artists featured on the wall collage is impressive indeed.


There are currently 28 photo cut and pasted upon this collage section featuring the artists and actors who have made the Rays part of their baseball family. And it all began in November 2007 with the free concert to Rays fans who attended the Rays logo and uniform fashion extravaganza as actor/musician Kevin Costner and his band Modern West brought their own special spin to the festivities. But he was only the beginning. Since that time fellow actors/comedian Paul Rieser ( Mad About You), Chris Rock, Former SNL star/ Impressionist Darrell Hammond, Barry Williams (Greg Brady) last but definitely not least, Bill Murray who we all loved as Carl the Groundskeeper in “Caddyshack” and is a minor league baseball part owner.


But there are also local Florida athletes or players who have trained in St. Petersburg in the past who are immortalized on the concourse wall such as former Tampa Bay Buc running back Mike Alstott, Baseball Hall of Famers Cal Ripken Jr., Ozzie “The Wizard of Oz” Smith and another Oriole great Jim Palmer. The collage also includes NFL Hall of Famer and Tampa Bay Buc legend Lee Roy Selmon , WWE past Champion John Cena and Orlando Magic Center/Power Forward Dwight Howard. Broadcasting and announcing legends both National and Internationally also grace the collage with the addition of ESPN Basketball Guru and 2004 Inductee to the Pepsi Rays Fan Wall of Fame Dick Vitale and the immortal Boxing/Wrestling announcer Michael ” Let’s get ready to Rumble” Buffer.

But also several members of this new display in Tropicana Field either performed the National Anthem or “God Bless America” such as former American Idol David Archuletta, the Backstreet Boys, and Green Day. But most of the rest of the artists posted upon the wall have performed in the Rays popular Saturday Night Concert Series over the last few seasons. Groups such as 3-Doors Down, Pat Benatar, Daughtry, L L Cool J, Flo Rida, Ludacris, and legendary groups the B-52’s and M C Hammer. Who reminded us “When the Devil went out ( of the team name), the Wins came in!”.


Country artists Big & Rich with Cowboy Troy and Trace Adkins also have provided hours of great entertainment to the crowds of Rays fans attending the game, plus who danced in the aisles and landing around Tropicana Field during their music sets. And do not forget there is still some space upon that wall collage that might include this year’s artists, John Fogerty (April 24th), ZZ Top (May 1st), Nelly (May 15th), Hall & Oates (May 29th), the Go-Go’s /Farewell Tour (July 10th), Train (August 14th), Adam Lambert and Orianthi (Sept. 18th), Country Star Dierks Bentley (Sept. 25th) and two other concerts artists not yet announced on June 12th and June 26th.

Talent galore has graced both the field and the stages of Tropicana Field in the past, and the future looks even brighter as the Rays thrust again towards the top of the American League East. This photo collage is just a small sampling of the stars and the people within the entertainment field who have either sat within the main bowl of Tropicana Field, or in the Suites and attended Rays games in the past.


The collage is just a great way for the Rays fans to gather and remember and relive these great acts and people as they became members of the Rays lore. So sometimes in the future be sure to wander up the main concourse just to the east of the Rays main elevator system and have your own great flashbacks into these performances or sightings of the great people who also have adorn Rays jerseys and attended games. Some times it is great to look at the past so that we can see just how far we really have traveled since the ultimate changes made in 2007 to the Rays legend, and the way we will remember our moments within Tropicana Field.


Rays Announce Concerts for 2009


Rays Renegade and M C Hammer, Summer 2008

One of the greatest thing about being a Rays fan was the Hess Express concert series last season. The Rays brought such acts as The Commodores,Trace Atkins, Loverboy and M C Hammer to the Trop on special Saturday night concert events. Well, the Rays are not going to let a great thing disappear as they just announced most of the acts that will grace the stage again on Saturday nights this season. These concerts were held right after the conclusion of select Saturday games and are FREE with the purchase of a game ticket. Not only did the team go 8-0 during these concerts in 2008, but the team averaged over 30,000 fan for each of the concert events.

Most of the concerts in 2008 were sold out before the day of the game, so it might be a great thing to purchase your tickets now before they sell out again. Only one performer or act is not signed, sealed and delivered yet for the concert series. It will be the May 30th game against the Minnesota Twins. there should be an announcement before that date on the act to appear. But there are plenty of confirmed acts that will knock the socks off of Rays fans this summer. Just a bit of advice, if you are seeking a great location for the events, the best area to purchase tickets is in the even numbered area from Section 126 off of first base, to Section 142 in the right field outfield seats. Any other location on the lower level to the north of Section 142 will not be able to get a clear view of the concert stage that will be set up facing south by south west towards the stands.

Full Season Ticket holders
who have seats in the Home Plate Club, Whitney Bank Club, Fieldside Box, Lower Infield Box, and Lower Box locations will again get wristbands for field access for the events. I will keep you posted and let you know if any news comes down concerning this great option for up close and personal viewing of the concerts. I know I was situated in the front rows of every concert last season and got some great pictures and video of the events. I even have a few videos floating around on Youtube and the Internet taken from those events with Trace Adkins and The Commodores. Be sure to check the below start times for the game this summer. They are designed to give the fans the true experience of the concert series without having to stay in the Trop past midnight on any of the concert events. 


Here is the tentative start times for games on those dates: 

Saturday, May 30   TBA vs. Twins 4:10 p.m.
Saturday, June 13  Ludacris vs. Nationals 6:08 p.m.
Saturday, June 27  Pat Benatar vs. Marlins 7:08 p.m.
Saturday, July 11  Smash Mouth vs. Athletics 6:08 p.m.
Saturday, Aug. 1   Daughtry vs. Royals 6:08 p.m.
Saturday, Aug. 15  B-52’s vs. Blue Jays 7:08 p.m.
Saturday, Aug. 22  Big & Rich vs. Rangers 7:08 p.m.
Saturday, Sept. 5  The Beach Boys vs. Tigers 
7:08 p.m.


TBA – May 30 – Rays vs. Twins, 4:10 p.m.

Not known yet, but you know they will be great!



Ludacris – June 13 – Rays vs. Nationals, 6:08 p.m.

You can call Chris “Ludacris” Bridges a number of things: hip-hop superstar, actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, restaurateur, pitchman, online visionary and columnist.  All of these labels are accurate.  The Grammy Award-winning, Atlanta-based entertainment maven continues to expand his reach, and his musical prowess remains as potent as ever with singles such as “What Them Girls Like,” “Rollout,” “Money Maker,” “Stand Up,” “Southern Hospitality” and “Get Back.”

Pat Benatar – June 27 – Rays vs. Marlins, 7:08 p.m.

Four-time Grammy Award-winning singer Pat Benatar is best known for hit songs such as “Love Is a Battlefield” and “Hit Me with Your Best Shot.”  She has sold more than 12 million records, including two multi-platinum albums.  She also has 19 Top-40 singles to her credit.  Billboard magazine ranked her as the most successful female rock vocalist of all time.

Smash Mouth – July 11 – Rays vs. Athletics, 6:08 p.m.

With surf and garage influences, Smash Mouth found a hit in 1997 with the ’50s-influenced “Walkin’ on the Sun.”  The group was formed in 1994 in San Jose, Calif., by vocalist Steve Harwell. 
It became a No. 1 modern rock hit and pushed the album into the Top 40. The follow-up album Astro Lounge was released in 1999, generating the hit “All Star.”  The group also contributed numerous tracks to a plethora of motion pictures, most notably their cover of the Monkees’ “I’m a Believer” (from their eponymous release) to the soundtrack of 2001 hit movie Shrek.  Many of these appeared on the August 2005 Smash Mouth hits collection All Star Smash Hits.

Daughtry backstage at St Pete Times Forum show with Bon Jovi 2008

Daughtry – August 1 – Rays vs. Royals, 6:08 p.m.

Grammy-nominated guitarist, singer and songwriter Daughtry was the fourth-place finalist on the fifth season of American Idol and has since landed a deal with RCA Records.  His band’s self-titled debut album sold more than 1 million copies after only five weeks of release, becoming the fastest-selling debut record album in history.  In its ninth week of release, the album reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts.  Daughtry’s debut single “It’s Not Over” soared to No. 1 on the Adult Top-40 chart, the Hot AC chart and the Billboard Top Singles chart.  His follow-up singles “What About Now,” “Home,” and “Feels Like Tonight” also shot up the charts and remain top industry hits.  His second album is set for release this summer.

B-52’s – August 15 – Rays vs. Blue Jays, 7:08 p.m.

The first of many acts to cement the college town of Athens, Ga., as a hotbed of alternative music, the B-52’s took their name from the Southern slang for the mile-high bouffant wigs sported by singers Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson, a look emblematic of the band’s campy, thrift-store aesthetic.  The five-piece group, which also included founding member Fred Schneider, the B-52’s are known for such hits as “Rock Lobster,” “Love Shack” and “Roam.”  In 2008 the band returned with a new album for the first time in 16 years. 


Big & Rich – August 22 – Rays vs. Rangers, 7:08 p.m.

Country music duo Big & Rich is comprised of singer-songwriters Big Kenny and John Rich.  In 2004, they released their first studio album, Horse of a Different Color, which featured what has become their signature song, “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)“.  This album also had three Top-40 singles, including “Wild West Show.”  In 2005, they released Comin’ to Your City, which included the Top-5 single of the same name.  Their 2007 album Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace peaked at No. 1 on the charts. 


The Beach Boys – September 5 – Rays vs. Tigers, 7:08 p.m.

Beginning their career as the most popular surf band in the nation, The Beach Boys finally emerged by 1966 as America’s preeminent pop group, with hit singles such as “Surfin’ USA,” “Little Deuce Coupe” and the album “Pet Sounds.”  The Beach Boys remain an iconic group to this day, with timeless hits like “Kokomo,” “Good Vibrations,” “Barbara Ann,” and “Fun, Fun, Fun.”  According to Billboard, The Beach Boys are the No. 1 selling American band of all time.  They have had 36 Top-40 hits, the most of any U.S. rock band.


Be sure to buy your tickets early and be ready for some great time with the Rays this summer as we crank up the volume and again take in a night of great baseball and awesome music. Again, be sure to buy your tickets early to avoid the games selling out and you missing these great bands in 2009.
Photo Credits:        1) RRCollections
                                3) RRCollections
                                4) Hollo Photographics ( Chris Hollo)

Rays Trying to Boost Season Tickets


Earlier today, the St. Petersburg Times ran a story telling who the Tampa Bay Rays are going to be very aggressive  in their push to increase their Season Tickets throughout Spring Training. The Rays are currently on the bottom of the list in the American League when it comes to Season Tickets, and the plan is to make the benefits more attractive and showcase what myself and over 10,000 Rays fans already know, that Season Tickets give you options. Television ads will be showing up and TV’s around the Tampa Bay area beginning today showcasing Rays players and narrated by Rays Manager Joe Maddon.


 Most people look at Season Tickets as an expensive investment, but you do not have to buy two seats in the Home Plate Club for $ 12,400. a season. There are as many options as their are Rays jerseys right now. And just because you select a seat in the Upper Deck or the T B T Party Deck, you are still considered a prime member of the exclusive Season Ticket membership. Now I have sat in my section of the Trop in the same seat for the last 8 years, and I can not even imagine sitting anywhere else. but some people might not have the time or money to invest in the team to that level. 


Take for example that a full ( 81 games ) Season Ticket in the Upper Deck area of the Trop is about  $ 754. a season, which will come in at a savings of  $ 215 over the entire season. But the Rays have thought about you fans that can not make 81 games, or have kids who play sports in the early spring and summer. They have a huge list of options that could fit into anyone’s budget.  There are half season Season Tickets that will let you pick from two great options” weekdays and weekends. You weekday plan which will cost you $ 727.50 for an outfield seat and includes the Opening Day game and every game played from Monday to Thursday  during the season, including games against the Boston Red Sox, Philladelphia Phillies and New York Yankees.


Also back will be the popular 20-game package, which will cost you about $ 550. for a Baseline Box seat. The package will be configured around the weekend games at the Trop. There are three options here, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday games. The most popular option might be the Saturday night games to secure a spot for the Rays Concert Series, and also get you an wristband to be able to go down to field level to watch the concert. But this package can also offer you games against the Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies. 


Then there is the Weekend plan which for a Outfield seat will cost you about  $ 678.50 and will consist of games played on Friday through Sunday, and will include the always popular Concert Series nights in the package. This package will also include Opening Day and games against the Chicago White Sox, Red Sox, and Yankees. All of the half  season and limited game packages have a reduced level of Season Ticket benefits, but include such great items as postseason ticket purchases before the general public, 10 percent discount for merchandise at the Tropicana Field Team Store, and your own personal Season Ticket representative from the Rays.




But there are other goodies like you can use the same Season Ticket door at Gate 1 for faster entry to the games, and also can purchase discounted parking in Lots 2 and 6 for games.  I used this option a few years ago, and I could actually park within 35 yards of the back door of the Trop and get to my car in less than 2 minutes after leaving the confines of the stadium. This comes in handy during those wild rain showers we tend to have in the summertime here in Florida.  You also have priority if at any time you decide you might want to either upgrade your seat, or even decide in the off season you want to move closer to the rail or aisle end, you can contact your Season Ticket Representative and he will work with you to get that desired location or seat for you. 


If Season Tickets for the Rays were to increase from the level they are today to about 15,000, the team would have a guaranteed attendance of 1.8 million fans in 2009. That is one of the reasons for the big push to increase the season Ticket base. Another is that the team has increased their budgeted payroll for 2009 to a level that is 2 1/2 times the 2007 payroll for the team. With the estimated payroll exceeding $ 60 million this year, it will be the most talented and expensive team in Rays history. And as a Season Ticket holder you can get in on the action.


A Full Season Ticket gets you a lot of great benefits besides the ones listed above. Full season patrons also get a guarantee of your seat every game, a personalized nameplate on your seat, and an opportunity to purchase extra tickets to games during the Spring Training and Regular season before the public. Another great benefits is the exclusive events and parties that the Rays provide every year for the Full season crowd.  One of the best events every year is the Team Photo day held usually right before the end of the regular season on a Sunday. 





In the past we have had events during the All-Star game where the Rays have invited the Season Ticket folks to places like Game Works in Ybor City for a party and gaming with players and other fans. That event last year attracted numerous Rays players like Grant Balfour, Jonny Gomes, Edwin Jackson and Rays Manager Joe Maddon. Players played video games and raced simulated car races against fans and Raymond during the event, which included free food and drinks and numerous prizes given out during the event.  And yes, that is me doing the chocolate fountain in the photo at last years event.


Another one of the pluses of having a Season Ticket is the fact that the Rays will give you an additional item from selected giveaways  two times every year. They are equally divided between before the All-Star break and before the last home stand of the season for the team. I can tell you as a Full Season Ticket holder since 2000, and a half season ticket holder since 1998, that it is one of the best investment I have ever made in baseball. Along with the tickets, you can get to develop dialogue and personal face time with players and staff that is beneficial to having the true baseball experience. And with this, it gives you a deeper understanding and knowledge of what Rays baseball is really all about.


Another  Season Ticket plus that people might find pleasing this year is the fact that non Season Ticket holder over the age of 14, will have to purchase a wristband with a $ 10 donation to the Rays Foundation to get autographs this year. Along with your free wristband, you will get early admission to the Fan Fest an full hour before other fans. Not only that, but throughout the season you get birthday and holiday cards from the team, and also develop friendships and a common bond with your fellow Season Ticket buddies.





Another great item that the Rays give to their Season Ticket fans is the option of going down on the field during the Concert Series events. I know I took full advantage of this even though my seat was just a little to the right of the center of the concert stage. So be sure to check out some of the great options being offered by the team this year in their Season Ticket packages. As with most things in life, the more expensive the seat, the more extended benefits you can get with your Rays experience. 


Not having the money to get the plush spots in the Trop should not keep you from wanting to come enjoy this team as they defend their 2008 American League East title and the American League pennant. Exciting things are in store for 2009, and if you decide to join the Rays train you can be on the ground floor with the rest of the 10,000 excited Rays faithful Season Ticket fanatics. Even if you can not afford to put out extra money right now because of the economic situation, please come out and support the team when you can. 2009 will be another year of expectations and surprises from the Rays, and it would be a shame for anyone to miss out on the excitement.



Think if we all could afford the Home Plate seats like The Heckler. We could eat and drink every night for free, and also have a parking pass in the Lot 1 right outside the 16th Street entrance to the Trop. But this group also get an outstanding benefit that the rest of us would die for……..they get a batting practice attended by Rays personnel every year.  What a treat it would be to hit the cages and hit one out in left field and maybe have the video camera on. It would be totally worth the price.

All the photos in this blog were provided from the private collection of RRProductions.