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My Review of the Baltimore Orioles for 2009



Here we go again. Another year and another set of reviews and expectations for the American League East division foes. I have decided to write a small review myself on each of the division foes, with the Tampa Bay Rays being critiqued last. This series will not be the way I feel the division will pan out, or even portray any judgments by me as to the order of the teams at the end of the season. This blog will be my opinion, and the reviews will be based as I see the division with no interaction from the talking heads of ESPN or any other news organization.
I do plan to bring up shortcomings and positives alike in this review. I am not out to blast or even demean any team intentionally here. But that is the nature of the beast. You can not please everyone all of the time. With that in mind, my opinions will not equal probably 25 percent of the readers of this blog. But I will bring out the pluses and minuses that I see as focal points on these squads. The first team I have decided to review  has been deemed by the national media giants to be in the bottom of the division in 2009. But the true fact is that this teams could pop up at any time during the season and snatch games away from both the Red Sox, Rays and Yankees. 

It is for that reasoning that the American League East will be extremely entertaining in 2009. The possibility of the Orioles makes this division more exciting. And that is what I see happening in 2009. This squad might not have the solid cores of the projected top 3, but they have the talent ,and the relief pitching to steal wins here and there and jumble up the standing before it is all over in September.
The Baltimore Orioles almost seemed on a mission to implode after striking hard and fast early on in 2008. Who would have thought that this team would jump out into the A L East division lead, and then flounder to the cellar as quickly as they rose. This is a team that lacks the glue right now, but they have signed or acquired a few great pieces that will help them battle nightly like the big boys. Gone are players like catcher Ramon Hernandez,  first baseman Keith Millar, starting pitcher Daniel Cabrera, and reliever Lance Cromier. These guys were not the heart and soul of this team, but they did take valuable at bats and innings with them when they left the team.





But the Orioles did not falter in the off season, they made sure that two of their cornerstones know they have futures in the Oriole Orange. Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis know they are wanted in Charm City. And that motivation and confidence can do wonders in 2009. Bringing in the lunch pail workers like Ty Wiggington and Ryan Freel will bring back some of that dust and dirty on their uniforms they have been lacking the last few years.  Grit and guts can win games for you in a competitive setting.  This might have the look of a rebuilding team, but are currently more in the mold of the 2007 Rays, when the talent was beginning to play at the major league level.


 I think they are just restructuring this team around some solid core ballplayers with an eye on some covert destruction during the season on their foes. This team is being fashioned to be one that might just sneak up on you and put 5 runs on the board fast, then try and hold that lead for the victory. Do I think that they will avoid their 12th straight losing season this year?  Maybe not, but they will also be closer to th2 .500 mark than for the last few seasons. The Orioles  will be counting on Jeremy Guthrie at the front of their rotation, then it tails off a bit with mystery. To say that this team was not open to change in the off season would be a joke. 


The only member of the rotation basically guaranteed a job for 2009 was Guthrie, who was 10-12 last season. Koji Uehara came over from Japan as the first Japanese player signed by the Orioles, and he should make the Orioles Opening Day roster. Uehara is an 8-time Japanese All-Star, but how much does he still have in the tank will be the question early on in the year. More importantly, can be adjust to the American style fast and be a productive member of the rotation.  Several Japanese pitchers have come over to the United States and not adjusted well to the pace and style of the game.


On of the key questions this Spring might be the off season trade of  pitcher Garrett Olson to the Chicago Cubs in exchange for leftie Rich Hill. It  might end up being the one move made in the off season that could make or break the team in the middle of the rotation.  Hill doesn’t come here with established positive numbers in the majors, but the potential of this young pitcher has pure upside to it right now for the Orioles. The team also signed tall leftie journeyman Mark Hendrickson as basically a swing man. He could post up in any of the four other open rotation spots and eat up innings for the team. Radhames Liz had a interesting first season in the majors and is going to get a shot at the rotation, and former closer, Danys Baez has been vocal about taking a shot at going back to the rotation this year. Baez might be the biggest question mark right now because of his large contract and he will be pitching for the first time in 2 years after Tommy John’s surgery.

The Oriole Bullpen is not weak, but they will not have the dominating  relievers Chad Bradford and Lance Cormier who were with the team during their 2008 surge to the top of the division. This brings out the fact that the Bullpen needs to be tweaked in 2009. The arms are still there that finished 2008, but  Brian Burres is expected to see more time at long relief, and  closer George Sherrill might have a bigger  upside in the Bullpen this season. Since coming over from Seattle, Sherrill has been an effective stopgap for the Orioles and can be just as productive, if not more in 2009. His 2008 All-Star appearance late in the game shows that pressure and great hitters do not phase him at all.


But the Orioles will  also have reliever Chris Ray back in 2009 after Tommy John’s surgery. His fastball and command will be welcomed back with open arms.  This give Sherrill a great set-up man in the 8th inning and should solidify the Bullpen a bit in the season. But the trio of Jim Johnson, Jamie Walker and Dennis Sarfate will have to improve during the year to give the Orioles a steady Bullpen. All three are at that crossroads where if the team is to be successful, they will shoulder a lot of that responsibility in the late innings.


The Orioles infield will be dominated by  All-Star Brian Roberts, but some additions might make the usually porous Orioles  middle defense more of a roadblock in 2009. Cesar Izturis, comes to the team as a free agent and will be manning the shortstop hole for the next two years for the Orioles.  This tandem have both been to the All-Star game, and might give the team a better up-the-middle defense than they have seen in quite a while.  A good bit of work might be needed on timing during the spring, but both men should prove to bring more double play opportunities and advantages to the Orioles. Roberts will be the man with the power in this duo, but Izturis is not an easy out and is very skillful on the base paths. Roberts set an AL record last season by hitting 51 doubles as a switch hitter.

On the corners the Orioles will  be manned by veterans Melvin Mora and Aubrey Huff. Over at third, Mora began a monster second half after getting a cortisone shot for his aching  right shoulder.  With the time off this off season to heal, he should come into camp ready to throw and man the hot corner. Huff is coming off both his first Silver Slugger award, and the Edgar Martinez award as the best D H  in the game last year. Huff might be counted on for even more production in 2009. His move from D H is first base will not be an easy one for him, but has played the position before this season.  His defense is not stellar at first, but it is better than his reputation.  His work ethic in the spring will set the tone for what should be expected out of him at first in 2009.


Behind the plate seems to be basically a position where the starter on Opening Day might not be there for long. Gregg Zaun and Chad Moeller have been brought in to battle for the top spot until uber-prospect Matt Wieters makes his move to the majors.  It has been suggested that Wieters will start out in Triple-A, but should be in the lineup during the summer. Both Zaun and Moeller have signed minor league deals, but  both might survive waivers if sent down and should be  a valuable insurance policy for the Orioles if something should happen to Wieters. Both catchers have average skills with the bat, but they both call great games behind the plate, which should help bring out early season confidence to the pitching staff.


In the outfield, the Orioles will return one of the top throwers in the majors in right field. Nick Markakis gunned down 17 runners in 2008, top the majors in outfield assists. He also proved he could dominate with his bat as he set personal bests in 6 offensive categories last year. His power stroke got better as the year went on last year, and should develop more in 2009.  He will be a fixture in the Orioles outfield for a long time. Another guy who might have cemented himself into center field is Adam Jones. He was acquired in 2008  in the Erik Bedard trade with the Seattle Mariners. And except for some time off with an injury, proved to be a major upgrade in center. 

Jones is one of those guys who has great 5-tool potential, and is got a lot better last season. 2008 was the first season that Jones got more than 100 major league at bats, and he rewarded the Orioles with  being a constant base stealing threat and produced a .270 average. His speed and positioning make him one of the young guns to watch in 2009. With another year under his belt at the major league level, Jones should push towards the top pf his game to maybe become one of the best center fielders in the next few seasons. In left, the Orioles will call on Luke Scott, who they got from Houston in the Miguel Tejada trade. Scott had mixed reviews in 2008, but his bat will not be a concern for the team. His 23 homers last season shows he has the power, and with extra reps in left, he will become a more fluid fielder.


The bench players on the Orioles will be an  huge upgrade in 2009. Wiggington might see most of his at bats at D H , but he can also be used on the corner position, and almost anywhere else on the field. When he was with Tampa Bay, he was the team’s third catching option in case of an emergency. Versatility and a solid bat with a good rate of contact will get Wiggington a lot of playing time this year. Ryan Freel is one of those guys that seems modeled after former Mets/Phillies dirt devil Lenny Dystra. He is always going at full speed and  plays the game at a high rate of speed. He is also a great addition because of his ability to play almost anywhere on the field. Freel can play all the outfield positions, and also in the infield at three positions.  Rounding out the bench should be Lou Montanez,  Donnie Murphy and Oscar Salazar. All three are capable of great things in 2009 with another year under their belts. Salazar made a great impression in this years Winter Leagues and should see more playing time this season.

So there you have the basic breakdown of the Baltimore Orioles. This team has the potential to beat anyone on a given day. The biggest key to their 2009 success will be the adoption of the Orioles game plan by their pitching staff.  The team signed two experienced catchers to work with the staff before prospect Matt Wieters makes his way behind the plate for the Orioles. This transition should go smooth for them, with either catcher being a great back-up and mentor to Wieters. With only one position sewn up before Spring Training, it will be interesting how the team’s rotation comes together before the beginning of the season.




On the field the Orioles again have the potential to maybe rise to the occasion again in 2009 and put some fear in the top tier of the division. But I do not feel they have the horses yet to stay up there for the entire year. There are prospects in the system who are only a few steps away who might help make that move possible beyond 2009. But as I have learned in 2008, it sometimes is more about the chemistry and the attitude of the team than their obvious strong spots. The Orioles will have a long road ahead of them, but the 2009 season might not garner the success they envisioned during the first days of Spring Training.

But the potential is there for a great season. The only real question is to see how high they will rise to the occasion and become a force, or just a spoiler in 2009. I do not see them contending this year, but they will get their licks in against their division foes and make it more difficult for anyone to dominate in 2009. The end result will be the focus and the dominance of the Orioles starting pitching. If the starters can go long into the games and keep the lead or even post this team to within 1 run, it might be an interesting summer in  The Ballpark at Camden Yards.



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Perfect Sunday for baseball under the Dome

Orioles 2, Rays 6



You know, earlier in the year going .500 so early in the season would be a upsetting situation. But with nine (9) current Rays players on the disablied list, and a few hurting but gutting their way through the games, it is totally satisfying at this moment. If we can go .500 without the big guns, what could happen when the firepower is back to normal and the trigger is set……………..think about that for a moment here.





Trivia fact for the day


Tony Cloninger is the only pitcher to hit two grand slams in the same game. He did it for the Atlanta Braves on July 3,1966.








                                        The Good,the Bad,and the Ugly


B J Upton is starting to come into his own at the plate.  Today he hit a monumental 3-run homer in the bottom of the 5th inning. Upton also raised his average to .302 today, its highest point in over a week. B J’s home run came in the 5th inning where the Rays ignited and scored all of their 6 runs of the game.


Honorable mentions for “Good” today:




*   Jeff Neimann tossed  93 pitches today, in which the Orioles only scored  a lone run and scattered 6 hits against him. This help Neimann collect his first MLB win.  At 6’9″, Neimann  got the ball down consistantly during the game, and never got himself into a bad jam. The lone run he gave up was to Baltimores’ Nick Markakis, who homered to left field in the top of the 6th inning.


** Rays outfielder Carl Crawford collected two RBI’s today also in the 5th when he singled to centerfield and Justin Ruggiano and Mike DeFelice scored to make it 3-0 before BJ Uptons at bat. BJ also currently has 11 RBI’s for the year and is in the top 10 in the American League in that category.


*** Third baseman Evan Longoria(E-Love) also collected another hit today and walked and eventually scored a run in the Rays big 5th innning today.


                                             The Bad


I know I have written about this before, and I was chatting with a Rays broadcast guy and I have come upon the conclusion that BJ Upton has a “green light” when he is on the bases. For those not knowing the phrase, a player having a “green light” can make decisions for himself about baserunning and advancing on plays after a ball is hit.  That is becoming more and more apparent with each of his baserunning blunders.


Today it was a stagger step that cost him an extra base.  He was not caught stealing today, so I will be kind to him.


Another “Bad” that is starting to rear its ugly head is the fact that Dan Wheeler is in a weird funk. I saw a ball kinda float today and it did not get hit a ton, but it was a great contact out, and could have been trouble for us.  I am not saying there is a mechanics situation here, I am not a pitching coach. But, with that said, I know it was a ball that could have been crushed if the player got good wood on it. Last night a change-up that stayed in the zone was crushed for the winning run.



                                              The Ugly


Not alot of Ugly here except in the starting shortstops batting average, and his wild throws at times. Jason Bartlett should count his stars that he has a world class first baseman like Carlos Pena. He had dug out a few balls that past first baseman would have watched  the ball skirt to the wall or beyond.


That combined with his .158 average at this moment is cause for early worry. This is the guy we were counting on for solid play and a good bat in the field.


Ben Zobrist is still out for a period of time after they inserted a pin in his broken finger to help it heal better and faster. Until that time, we are limited to Bartlett and Johnson at short, with neither player showing offensive numbers at this time.



Former Rays player of the Day.


I know it is early in the afternoon, but I am going to pick my former Rays player of the game for today.

It has to be Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers. All of us Rays fans remember Josh as the hier apparent to Rightfield before Delmon Young entered the picture.  Josh has been hitting good this year and he is showing the talent we all knew he had in prior Spring Training and minor league games.

During this afternoons’ game against the Toronto Blue Jays, Hamilton has two RBI’s and hit a homer run to right in the bottom of the 4th inning. He also singled and drove in Ian Kinsler in the bottom of the first.

Hamilton is currently tied with the Rays Carlos Pena for first with 13 RBIs    



The forecast for tomorrow game is:

Ugly with a change for a smashing good time.  With that said, come on out to the Trop. and watch your .500 Rays take on the “Evil Empire” from the Bronx in a 7:10 PM Monday night game. 




You know the Cowbell kid will be there to send kisses and wishes to his pal Joe Giardi and Shelly Duncan.


Post Script:


I want to thank Edwin Jackson, JP Howell, Scott Dohmann and Andy Sonnastine for taking the all that time today to sign for the 12 Little Leagues and their  players that were at the ballgame.


Each of these Rays players stayed out there a long time and signed everything put in front of them. I even got a few autographs I was missing for my Rays collection. I even saw Evan Longoria out there after stretching on the wall signing and jawing with the Rays hopefuls.


So, as a Season Ticket holder and a great Rays follower, Thank you gentleman for showing class and community love by taking your time to show the kids of all ages in Tampa Bay you are there for them……….