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Get Well Soon Zim, We Miss You

When I think of the Tampa Bay Rays, he always comes to my mind. From his customized golf cart at Spring Training camp, to his presence at Rays fund-raisers and any baseball function, his presence just makes you feel royalty has embraced the cause. He has never gone to the plate or hurled a pitch in a game for this franchise, but he has forever been engraved as a icon of this club. To me Rays Senior Advisor Don Zimmer might have forgotten more baseball than any of us will ever know, but the man is eternally the Grand Puba of baseball in my mind.

It still amazes me the years that have flown by for Zimmer since his first days as a Dodger via Brooklyn not Los Angeles. From taking his spot at shortstop to manning a spot on the bench or rail as a Manager or Coach, Zimmer has been inspirational to generations of ballplayers and fans alike. He truly has lived the perfect baseball life, and still is a vital cog in the Rays baseball machine. The man is a 2-time author, definitely an inspirational speaker and can tell you baseball tales and events that can make you bask at his words like a child no matter you age. He is the quintessential MLB storyteller. They definitely do not make them anymore like “the Zim”.

Sometimes I think of him more as an immortal baseball god than a human, and possibly that is why when I recently heard Zimmer had been absent from his customary seat in the Trop. since right after the first home series against the New York Yankees, I became nervous and anxious. I have come to find out Zimmer has been has been hospitalized in the last week with a kidney condition and will soon begin the dialysis process. I came to find out “The Zim” has been hospitalized 3 times in the last 5 weeks for diabetic related ailments, possibly Father Time finally found Zimmer and threw him a inside curve ball Zim could not make solid contact with.

So I am asking the Rays Republic to all not only say some blessing and good vibes towards Zimmer today, but to raise your Cowbells high and ring them like never before as the Rays take the field today. Stand, clap, ring the clapper until it ends up detached and 5 rows in front of you, move that turkey wing of your in such a manner you need Tommy John’s, remember the things we love about Zim, and why is so endeared and beloved by fans both in Tampa Bay and in other hamlets around the baseball World.

I have not brought out my big black Cowbell in 4 years, but today I will get a new drumstick, position myself accordingly and bash that thing until it bends again from the force and effort. That is how much this one iconic member of the Rays means to me. From the first time I met him when I put Premium Pure Oil gasoline in his car, to countless moments just saying hello in the stands and around the Rays complex, this man has become one of the most respected people I know, or ever want to know.

Zimmer’s son Tom offered a nugget of future hope today when talking about Zim again taking his rightful spot again in Tropicana Field. “Once his Father gets comfortable with the dialysis schedule and routine he should be back with the Rays”. I truly hope so, the man means more to this franchise and the guys in the clubhouse than most fans can imagine. I remember seeing him sit down and talk to former Rays P Scott Kazmir once during Batting Practice and Kaz was beaming from ear-to-ear listening intently to the knowledge and wisdom that came out of Zim’s mouth.

He might have never stepped on the field as a player, never struck the sweet spot or hurled a missile during infield practice, but name me one other Rays who commands instant respect, get noticed the moment he walks into a room and is embraced by the Rays and the rest of the baseball world. Can’t wait to see Zimmer back in his seat. That will be an emotional moment, I hope we all do not flood the Trop on that day.

“Oh No….Longo!”

I swear at that moment I saw the cloth fabric of Tropicana Field move like a sudden wind gust had enveloped it. The collective gasp and exhale after a botched stolen base attempt by Tampa Bay Rays 3B Evan Longoria made the Trop. silent as we watched Rays Head Trainer Ron Porterfield and Rays skipper Joe Maddon trot out to Longo. I immediately let out a long drawn out moan of “Oh No! Longo!” that made a few people laugh as it sounded more like the old SNL Mr Bill character than my usual voice, but it hit me like a rock that suddenly one of the true keystones of this amazing run by the Rays stood favoring his left knee and we all wanted it to heal instantly.

This season Longoria seemed to want to be the “go-to” guy, he wanted the pressure, the stress and the responsibilities that go along with being the player constantly in the spotlight for both praise and criticism. It is always a good sign for a player to leave the field on his own power, but when it is a central figure standing there trying to keep his weight off his sore and aching knee, the Rays Republic could only think the worst. Even before Longo hit the Rays dugout steps the dulled whispers and a active hum hit the stadium.

The early prognosis is that Longoria is suffering a bit of soreness in his left knee region, but then we heard the three letter that instantly horrified us all..M..R..I. That doesn’t mean as much today as it would 3-4 years ago as every athlete even with a minor aliment gets this imaging test nowadays as a precaution more than a insight to injury. Still, this one test can see deeper into the situation, and possibly bring to the surface our darkest fears, a extended bench vacation for the Rays offensive weapon.

That would put a deep crease in the Rays offensive machine as Longoria was a key figure in the Rays 5th ranked American League offense, and was experiencing a great start in 2012. Going into this match-up against Seattle, Longoria himself boasted a .550 average with runners in scoring position, which lead the majors. To put it into deeper prospective in Longo’s last 12 plate appearances with runners in scoring position before Monday night’s contest, he was an astronomical 9-for-10 with 2 doubles, 2HR, 2 walks and 11 RBI. Instantly by this you can see a major clog in the Rays machine has a sudden health issue.

Let’s expand a bit more into the offensive presence of Longo for this 2012 Rays squad. He already has 19 RBI in 95 plate appearances in 22 games. That is a huge improvement over 2011 when it took Longoria 151 plate appearances to hit the same mark. Longoria had 15 RBI in 13 road games this season as well as since last June, his 105 RBI in 120 games leads the entire tier of sluggers in Major League Baseball.

If Longoria spends any significant time off the field it hits the Rays in a multitude of areas. It takes a huge piece of the Rays hitting factor our of their 2012 equation as well as a team on-the-field General and leader. Even with his fumble-itus recently at the Hot Corner, his experience and solid foundation at Third Base will open a huge hole with only utility guy Elliot Johnson and possibly Jeff Keppinger currently on the Rays roster who can play the spot with any consistency. It would also throw a huge monkey wrench into the Rays winning formula that has already sparked an impressive 8-2 record over their last 10 contests.

It is too early to think negatively. Longo maybe needs a day or two off his feet in the field, possibly resting and icing the knee. I do not want to fathom the thought of 30 days or longer without the Rays spark plug at the Hot Corner, I would rather think of this as a short vaca to do some much needed R&R.

Possibly as early as this afternoon or tonight we will know more, so I will keep the negative Nelly stuff deep within me, hoping the MRI shows minimal or no significant damage. I know the Rays Republic are sending positive vibes and emotions to Longo, hopefully they have the power to heal and bandage this evolving Rays situation. I truly did have the shivers last night watching the event, and it was hard to stay positive. Hopefully Maddon will be the bearer of great news later today.

Brandon Allen Introduces Himself Again to the Rays Republic

I hope Tampa Bay Rays Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman sends Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane a over-sized fruit basket to the Vinoy next weekend. Heck, I think toss the edible fruit basket idea and Friedman should instead reserve a late night dining reservation with Beane at the uber swanky Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa when the A’s hit Tampa Bay next weekend (May 4-6th) as a “thank you” for leaving a few A’s out on the waiver wire for Friedman to pluck.

It is almost as if there is a Kevin Bacon type 6 degree of separation coincidence going on here in correlation with the Rays and A’s that is starting to bond a growing lineage of former A’s become Rays then thrusting themselves into the Major League Baseball headlines. How is it two teams seem to mesh so well swapping players that fit into their system in very unique ways and these sluggers provide moments you will not forget, or want to forget.

Don’t forget the Rays Dan Johnson was also plucked off the waiver wire by Friedman, and we all know what he ended up doing for the Rays over his inspiring short but explosive Rays tenure. Johnson might be on the South side of Chi-town now, but he will never be forgotten in these parts. Do not forget, if not for Johnson’s Home Run in the bottom of the ninth inning with 2 outs off former Rays Spring Training 2011 RP Cory Wade, the Yankees would have won Game 162, and Evan Longoria would never have hit his monster shot.

It is not that Oakland is a feeder farm for Rays up and coming players, but it sure has made an impression with the last 2 waiver wire pick-ups for this Rays franchise, with Brandon Allen becoming the latest former Athletic to provide a gasp, then a burst of uncontrollable excitement under the Trop’s tilted cap. What is it about a player leaving his yellow and green uniform on one coast, then putting on the sunburst and magical things happen for them?

The latest former A’s offering, 1B/OF Brandon Allen went so deep into Right field this afternoon with his Walk-off Home Run offering if we were in an outside setting, someone’s car would have had a very visual dent or possibly a baseball embedded in their windshield. Wild how not 7 days ago the Rays plucked this unknown to anyone outside of MC Hammer-land. Allen was another Friedman find as he was plucked off the A’s waiver wire after being deemed possibly “expendable” after First Baseman Daric Barton cam off the DL. I got a feeling Beane tried to do exactly what Friedman did in the Rule-5 Draft with Josh Hamilton not so long ago and Beane ended up getting burned to the core on the move.

Allen now joins a list of former O-town off-casts from Carlos Pena to the legendary Dan “boom boom out goes the lights” Johnson in providing not only explosive results, but doing it with style, class and a bit of panache`. Allen is already gaining a bit of cult hero status with 2 deciding moments in the last 2 games that will have every kid and possibly adult beckoning for his autograph when the Rays return home after their 3-game Texas road trip.

Here is a guy who had less than 275 total MLB plate appearances in his career for both the Arizona D-Backs and A’s, but has provided an unheard of highly combustible start with the Rays. How else do you explain a player coming to the plate only 2 times in his Rays tenure and boasting a 1.000 batting average with the Rays, a bases loaded walk for his 1st Rays RBI and today’s 2-run blast that will be played endlessly on ESPN for some time.

Not sure what the correlation between O-town and Tampa Bay is yet. Sure some might say they are the only 2 cities without a new baseball home, but for some reason former A’s do not come here for retirement, they seem to come here to play ball like no one else. Maybe Friedman should make that reservation for 3…I think Brandon Allen also deserves a little special treat considering his last 2 at bats….Just no table-side flambe`s please, Allen is simply flammable right now.

Who Knew “The Longo” Would Endure

What is it about our society and crazes. Every time I turn around it seems there is a new and hip movement or direction being thrust upon us to either decide if we want to be hip or square. When we were young it was having the right tin lunch box and thermos ( mine was Gilligan’s Island) to today doing a one motion pose that is sweeping the baseball nation.

Yes, I’m talking about the phenom we know in Tampa Bay as “The Longo”. I got a chuckle recently from a fellow Rays blogger (Corky Gaines) who said “ it was like Tebowing, but had less religiously”. We have developed into a social animal that mimics, interprets and constantly repeats motions and things like human parrots. But that is not always a bad thing.

How much you want to bet there will be a between innings contest tonight to see who does the best “Longo” instead of dancing against the Rays mascot Raymond. I could easily see a group, an individual or maybe even an entire seating section down the Trop’s First Base region rising to their feet, thrust their arms and fingers at a 58 degree angle and do the addicting maneuver. Heck, who needs the Chik Filet cows tonight, give those 100’s of
Rays fan a free chicken sandwich for doing the latest visual craze since…..doing the Tebow.

I like doing “The Longo”, heck if I would have known a simple motion of thrusting my arms and fingers to the heavens would have done such for my “cool” stature, I would have done it in the late 70’s. I mean I did do a rendition of former Red Sox Carlton Fisk where I used my body to groove a ball fair, but it went unnoticed and was viewed by my baseball coach more as showboating than showing an air of respect to a baseball player.

How our society has evolved that we can embrace, simulate and take pride in an emotional reaction to a life and game altering moment like Longo’s blast to bring the Rays to the 2011 October party. If you really watch Longo on that play I truly expected him to turn towards the Rays dugout on the way to first and do that famous “Crash “ Davis move of pulling his hands to his face in form a moment of disbelief as the dugout does the Wave. But instead we have an emotionally charged moment as the ball clears the outfield yellow line then pandemonium not only breaks out in St. Petersburg, but I think a few hearts wept in New York City.

Not since KC and the Sunshine Band did their patented “shake your booty” move has Florida embraced a physical move like this. I have seen photos roll in from a class full of kids doing “The Longo”, to High School baseball teams in the clubhouse, numerous members of the Rays Republic doing it all around this community, to a simple figurine and glorious T-shirt so many fans will adorn and treasure tonight.

So many great moments have been witnessed under the tilted cap of Tropicana Field. Wade Bogg’s 3,000th hit, the first MLB instant replay and enough walk-off magical moments to make a 30-minute tutorial on how to do it right. But tonight we all get to not only honor, but relieve again and again via the Trop’s Jumbotron a moment our kid’s will discuss with their grandkids, and possibly re-enacting “the Longo” again 40 years from now.

So tonight we honor that special moment, that gesture that will live forever in not only Rays lore, but baseball’s magical moments as the Game 162 blast by Evan Longoria will possibly be this generation’s “Robby Thompson’s Shot Heard Around the World”.

As the gates of the Trop open, I wonder how many the entering fans will thrust their fingers and arms into the cooled Trop air, tilt a little for aerodynamic stability and take off again just like Longoria as he rounded First Base last October. Who knows, if you do the new cool and hip thing in Tampa Bay today you might even find yourself thrusting skyward revisiting the moment in your own glory on the Trop Jumbotron. That not only would be impressive, but I bet Longo would be mimicking you in the dugout….Now that would be a cool move.

Time For The Rays To Act Like Contenders, Not Morgue Meat

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Guess that is the only way to describe the scene that played out in front of me and the rest of the Nation after the fifth inning today. There is no other team that I hate seeing the Tampa Bay Rays lose to than this Boston bunch. And losing 2 out of the first 2 to begin the 2012 seasonal series, that just makes my stomach turn, burn and totally feeling like imploding.

I am not going to call anyone out for this loss because it has been 30 minutes and I am suppose to focus on the next day’s game now, but there is still some residue on my shoes and it doesn’t smell like roses. I tried to drum up the confidence game yesterday in my post by stating we have these types of losses during a long 162-game season, but against a divisional foe, the loss hurts double in my heart and in the standings. Worst part of it all is that this game seemed well in hand, then the mighty hand of something purely evil and nasty plucked the stingers off the Rays one-by-one until it seems our eyes glazed over from disbelief.

These types of losing streaks can be endured, but not when it gives glee and happiness to fan base that truly wishes and prays that the Rays choke on their pride and emphatically drown in their own tears. The scene on the Fenway grass today after the 5th inning seemed more likely to be one played out on a sappy medical drama where the patient comes into the facility in perfect health, has a great prognosis then somehow a severed jugular burst forward and instantly we were in a life or death struggle with no angels in the wings to pluck us from the obvious. The Rays right now look more like morgue meat than contenders, and that has to change…stat!

I so want that last sentence to be untrue, but there are fragments and obscure pieces missing that would make this whole enchilada complete. Some members of the pitching staff seem so at ease and “ in the flow”, while others seem to be going through the proverbial motions and not delivering up quality or quantity yet this season. It is frustrating when you have seen and felt the possibilities of this 2012 Rays team, then they stumble, fumble and look more like a pre-2007 Rays squad.

But here is where we do our work as fans. It is our job right now to keep the faith, push our chests out and take the insults and sharp criticism of this team’s downward turns and stand firm, stand erect, and above all stand united. For if even one of us falters in our belief and hope for this team, the dam could spring a leak and that will lead to a river of deplorable chaos and false propaganda with a Bulls Eye painted on each member of this team.

As the Rays unite as a team, solid in their goals, commitment and belief in themselves as individuals and a collective team, we must also stay the course, throw up the encouraging even in the face of the disenchanting truth. It is time to either bail out the boat and know survival is in sight or look in the distance for the school of media sharks awaiting any wobble or bob from this team and their potential.

Definitely One to Forget in 30 Minutes

Figures this kind of horror would unfold on a day like Friday the 13th giving the Tampa Bay Rays another game to drop into the loss column, hoping a bout of sudden amnesia makes us all forget this lopsided horror fest that was bestowed upon the Rays today. This is the kind of game that makes your stomach turn and your brain fry for trying to find positives among the carnage, find something good to build upon going into another 3-straight afternoon scrambles with the Boston Red Sox.

This is definitely one of those Rays Manager Joe Maddon’s “30 minutes and forget the loss” moments, even in the close confines of the Rays visiting Boston clubhouse. But there is seriously no reason to fret, no re-occurring bouts of worry or hysterical platitudes to describe this game. We have to let it go, watch it fly away and stomp on it if it tries to again darken our doors. Every season the Rays have a game early on in the season that makes you doubt yourself for a second, then you remember it is only 1 of 162. Last season it was the entire month of April, but I think you get my drift here.

With this being the Rays 15th season, there have been more than 15 of these games that rip our beating hearts out and get served to us to digest with angst and worry each year. This one unfortunately happen early on, and with a rival we have to subdue to again quench our October champagne thirst.

Sure it’s Friday the 13th, but it was also the Rays 7th game of the season. Guess even the pondering of lucky numbers against hidden evil intended numbers did not match-up in the Rays favor today. Maybe Wade Davis forgot to rub his lucky rabbit’s foot ( you know he’s got one…somewhere). Going into the contest I had a good vibe knowing the Rays were sending old lucky 2×7 (double lucky?) or pitcher David Price (#14) to the hill for the Boston home opener. Thought he might be our double-dose of a potential Rays good luck charm, our defender from these kinds of evil scores, but alas the sleeping evil beast that can be the Red Sox awoken and bite Price firmly in his box score.

Sure it is one contest, 1/162th of a season, but this one will hurt for a while. But sometimes evil things happen to good teams. Momentum can switch, be caught in the wrong cycle and spin out of control making the good and bad intertwine, changing all aspects of fortunes and re-distributing lucky bounces and odd hops to even the most disciplined defenses. Losing is never a fun thing to watch. It cuts into us deep because we feel we have the tools and arsenal to win every night but sometimes good intentions, luck and even the best frame of mind can fail anyone.

Well, it has been 20 minutes, time to forget this one and move onto tomorrow. Hmm, maybe Maddon has something here, I’m starting to feel a bit better.

El Presidente’ Again Has Our Hearts

He is one of the most beloved player to ever strapped on a Rays uniform. Beloved as much for the deeds and efforts he displays on the field as those done within the Tampa Bay community. Maybe it seems fitting with the 2012 Republican National Convention coming to Tampa this Summer, El Presidente aka Carlos Pena could easily run for President and could easily win everywhere but possibly within the 5 boroughs of New York today.

Can anyone else remember a Rays moment when we ever gave 5 standing ovations, and not just to a single player. You read that right, 5 times Pena heard the 30,000+ wedged into the tilted cap of the Trop call for him, cheer for him, wanting him to hear and acknowledge their spirited roar. Pena not only took a “curtain call” after his memorable grand salami off New York Yankee starter CC Sabathia. But who would of expected his final action on this day would not only returned the favor, but burst out a resounding and almost fantasy storyline to the already volume of stories that is the “Legend of ‘Los”.

There will be some in the Yankee fan-dom that will say Pena just “ bent into a few bad pitches”, but those same white spheres came from anointed Yankee legendary figures. Pena’s grand slam off Sabathia was the first one ever given up to a left-hander in his long career. Mariano Rivera who might be canonized and made a NYC saint someday was going for save # 604 before Pena deposited the deep shot to Left-Centerfield that sent this stadium into a frenzy akin to Game 162.

Not a single Yankee fan will ever acknowledge this but the insane sound of the ball off Pena’s bat yesterday sent New York Yankee hearts sinking while a whole stadium instantly again fell back in love with him, almost like he never took a 180 day vacation to Chi-town.

After the game Pena “ did his dance” during the Rays 15-minute celebration phase of their 30-minutes and move on “Rays Way” pattern, but something tells me this showcase, this performance that enlightened showed why the Rays Republic has always. Wilder still this was only the 1st act of an 162 act play. I swear it could not have been scripted any better (even by Disney) or played out with any more emotional tugs and pulls during the contest then without warning, Pena simply reached back into all of our hearts and started it beating akin to his own unique rhythm.

It seemed ironic that the same day we hoisted a banner to the rafters showing our pride for 2011 magic, Pena reminded us of what seemed missing last season. Somehow with 2 mighty swings yesterday Pena choreographed the Rays dugout back into his old Salsa groove. From Home Plate to the far reaches of the TBT Deck, on this Opening Day triumphant moment not lost in the excitement was the re-discovery of why we love El Presidente’. May his reign be supreme and his subjects filled with joy. Welcome back ‘Los.

Hellboy Showed his Mortal Side

All of us in the Rays Republic knew this day would rear its ugly head. That we would have to admit to ourselves that sometimes the most golden of arms can have their tarnished and iron pyrite moments. That somehow reality would thrust itself into our belief system that Tampa Bay Rays starter Jeremy Hellickson was in fact a mire mortal.

Maybe it was that unrealistic pinning of the name “Hellboy” that gave us all the Superhero image and hope of an immortal hurling the rock every 5 days. Since the Rays disposed of the word “devil” back in November, 2007, we have all collectively awaited the appearance of a sorcerer on the hill that possessed evil, mean and nasty breaking stuff and held his pitch execution as the weapon of his opponents demise. Maybe the nickname just helps his establish and embellish the tales and legend a bit, making him seem invincible, even in the Spring.

On Saturday, we found out this unique player we have hoisted skyward as an equalizer is human after all. In possibly his worst outing as a professional, Hellboy showed the Rays Republic that he can be hurt. That sometimes the executioner’s axe can fall either way. It was a bit painful to visualize as Hellickson endured his vanquish and suffering solo on the mound somehow surrendering hit after hit that transformed into an insurmountable mountain of runs until finally Rays Manager Joe Maddon possibly saw the fire finally extinguished in Hellboy’s eyes.

Hellboy faced 22 Twins sluggers and surrendered 11 hits and 10 runs and was removed after facing 3 hitters in the fourth inning. Hellickson basically gave up hits to 50% of the Minnesota Twins line-up and offered up 2 Home Runs to Minnesota Twins DH Justin Morneau. Hellboy today met the arch-rival who could somehow steal his thunder and produced his own. Morneau was the most prolific Hellboy assassin producing a perfect 2-for-2 day with 5 RBI. All this from a hitter that has posted a .154 average this Spring.

Suddenly the magic that Hellboy conjured up with 2 strikes on his adversaries was hindered and missing. Breaking pitches that used to drop magically into the strike zone missed while his blazing fastball seemed mire 10ths of an inch away from their desired locations. Even with his execution flawed on this day, Hellboy only gave away 2 free passes (walks).

People forget that MLB pitchers have bad days, that even with the Sun bright and the temperatures optimal for success, sometimes the magic is not there and loss is on the horizon. In 30 starts during a season, you have to realistically expect turmoil and troublesome outings that defy the usual and showcase flaws, faults and possibly adjustments.

On Saturday Hellboy just reminded all of us he is a developing pitcher, not a defined and machine yet on the mound. Maybe this all happening is a good thing? Hellickson’s next start could be against the Pirates or Phillies, but beyond that on the horizon might be a rematch with these Twins and a possible shot at redemption on April 3rd in the Rays Grapefruit finale. Common sense rules that Hellickson will not pitch in that final game, but wouldn’t be a great confidence building moment if he came out and tossed some scoreless frames against the same squad that brought him back down to Earth.

Who knows if 2 Springs from now this might be the defining moment of Hellicksons emergence into the MLB top ranks, the low point that propels him upward and onwards. Be honest here with yourself for a moment, during the sophomore seasons of David Price and James Shields, we expected the same magic and brilliance that made us put them on that tall pedestal and think of them in immortal terms after their own rookie campaigns. Maybe this short fall from grace was a good thing.

Hellboy will be fine. Even though he now boasts a horrible 15.30 ERA this Spring, there are positive things to take from this outing to work on, break down and make into a learning experience. This outing should not worry us at all, sure we saw a cog in our pitching machine strip a gear today,but there are positives that will evolve out of this. Hellboy will not lose his rotation slot because of this, he will get a better understanding of his faults and flaws in his craft way in advance of the first series in April.

This outing also prepared all of us for the reality that Hellboy is a developing pitcher who still has kinks and flaws to his game. It also showed us that his immortal and unrealistic expectations were vivid in our collective minds, that his nickname associated with an imaginary Superhero might indeed come with a cost. But most of all through his day of human frailty we saw that Hellboy is adamently determined and prepared for whatever his arch enemies do to him. You can be sure he has always washed this outing from his skin and is already preparing for his next start, possibly showing us why we gave his that immortal status in the first place.

GTL Rays Style

I know almost everyone has heard of the phrase GTL made famous now by the MTV series “Jersey Shore”. Well considering they did a stint in South Florida a few years ago, I am thinking we should do a small homage to the GTL events that members of the Tampa Bay Rays could have done for today’s “off day”. The original meaning of course was Gym, Tan and Laundry for the Seaside Heights, New Jersey crew, but I’m thinking the Port Charlotte, Florida regiment has their own versions of this classic phrasing.

Gas, Tan, Lotion: You know a few of the younger and single members of the Rays hit the area beaches since it is Spring Break for college students around the country. Since this region of SW Florida tends to have some of the best beaches in the country, it is only natural students would hit this region not only for the emerald waters and picture-perfect sunsets, but the allure of professional athletes possibly throwing a football or getting some extra tannage on the newly minted white domes.

Grate, Trowel, Luck: Just a few miles up the coast from Port Charlotte is Venice Beach. The reason I mention this is it has an activity at this peaceful beach that is special to this part of Florida, and it can be a great adventure for families or just a group of friends. It is shark tooth hunting, and it is as simple as it sounds. All you do is wade out into the estuary waterways scoop up a shovel load of bottom soil and sift it through a grate/filter system with the remnants and fine-toothed enamel teeth of long gone sharks materialize in the trays. Sure most can be of the small or even tiny variety, but every once in a while you can see a huge tooth of a species that used to not only swam this region, but possibly perished somewhere in land up the Peace or Alafia rivers.

Photo @HallerDave

Gig,Troll,Land ’em: Several members of the Rays PR Department today hit the Boca Grande flats and open waters to fish, relax and sue it as their own bonding moment themselves. Just like the Rays squad, these guys will be together over that 180 day stretch and finding common ground, landing a few tasty lunch morsels and getting some Sun on their own newly mowed heads will do wonders come April.

Grip, Tee, Links: Considering so many of the Rays also are pretty good on the golf links, you could easily see the likes of B J Upton, David Price, James Shield, Matt Joyce and even Evan Longoria tee up a few at one of the local golf courses. With a day off, the links can be a great way to just have fun at a leisurely pace, kick back and clown a bit with friends and just enjoy a hot and humid Florida Spring day. Problem is, will these crews allow mulligans?

Grease, Tighten, Loosen: Who knows, maybe Rays skipper Joe Maddon could have gotten a few of his squad to help him do a bit of fix-up on his new ’55 Chevy. I remember someone telling me earlier the new ride had some spongy brakes, and this could be an additional bonding moment as Maddon, maybe a few of his staff and a player or two tinkering under the hood of a car most people can fix without a CPU system. I know I would have volunteered for that duty.

I know a majority of the team possibly just slept in later, did errands and adventures with their family, possibly doing some breakfast in one of the quaint and great restaurants in the region before embarking on day trips or even just lounging out enjoying the sights and sounds of their families. This was a needed moment for this team as a day like this can do so much to recharge and energize a team as they begin to enter the stretch run of the Grapefruit League season or as I like to call it Grapefruit, Tangerine and Lemon league. That’s my version of Spring GTL.


Why Did the Rays Leave Their “Irish” Roots at Home

Come on Tampa Bay Rays. I know you got it in you to be festive, celebratory and even have a few Irish brethren among your midst ( Shawn O’Malley ), but sporting a green Phiten titanium necklace in honor of St. Patrick’s Day is a wee bit disappointing.

Maybe I have seen better Irish intentions out of this crew that would dance an Irish jig at a hat’s toss if it gave them the luck and pathway deep into the post season. But to only wear a necklace and not even the famed “TB” caps brought back on March 17, 2010……I’m a bit ashamed tonight. Might have to drown my sorrows in a bit more Corned Beef and Green concoctions.

I mean even your opponent, the Pittsburgh Pirates manned the green cap for this special day. And that cap did look really out-of-place with their usual golden-yellow and black ensemble, but their celebration of this holiday was noted all the way back to the Irish boroughs of the Steel City where the green bottle of Pa brew Rolling Rock helps marks the day.

Heck, even the usually mundane San Francisco Giants who also sported dark uniforms today showed support for the Irish in all of us this solemn day. But alas, the Rays wore a necklace.

It has only been 5 Springs since the Rays dumped their forest green unis and began their immersion into the blue realm. For years just sporting the Rays Batting Practice jersey had you at least in the “green scheme” of things on this March 17th day, but now it has eroded to just a bob of jewelry that might not even have any physical properties to it.

This same Rays team sported Kelly green uniforms not so long ago for charity that made you push your sunglasses down for their brilliance not only in color, but as a charity auction item gleamed throughout the region.

I still remember bidding on those classic uniforms and sporting them at least twice at Rays games and people marveled at their color and wanted one for their own. But they were keepsakes, special editions, once-in-a-lifetime reminders of the one day the Rays truly sported the green for themselves and others.

So as I sit upon this wooden bar stool among a throng of sports fans celebrating this great day I am reminded that every color, creed and national origin for this 24 hour period can boast Irish roots. That even the Reuben sandwich that contains Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, German Sauerkraut, but Irish Corned Beef is a 100% Irish staple today.

Maybe I’m the only person who feels the Rays made a titanic mistake today by only sporting a commercially sold jewelry accessory when so much more could have been concocted and projected for sale to the Rays Republic on this great holiday.

I think if you did a tally of just the 1-day (March 17th) sales on just the daily sales of the Phillies, Mets and Red Sox just today when all three squads donned their festive green field of clover colored caps and ceremonial uniforms, you would find a huge spike in merchandise sales due to the once a year green theme.

Maybe I am bit a bit melodramatic that the Rays did not at least sport a Kelly green cap much like so many other of their MLB brethren on this festive holiday. But I do wish the Rays the “luck of the Irish” all season long. A season that I pray this team always has the wind at their backs, and the road that comes to meet them is paved with victories, celebrations and bonds of brotherhood and friendship.

But then again with my original birth last name of Holiday……I feel Irish 24/7/365 even before I don my spiffy circa Rays 2010 white clover-leafed green St. Patrick’s Day cap while downing a stout and a shot of Jameson. But I do truly feel the Rays today left a bit of Irish luck upon the green grass in Bradenton where even Pirates sported green hues on this festive day.

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