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And We Almost Miss It!



I only caught a short sound byte of a classic musical moment that rocked AT&T Park last night during Game 2 of the 2010 World Series. It all started just after Ranger slugger Josh Hamilton’s fly out to Giants centerfielder Aaron Rowland’s to secure the last out in the top of the eighth inning. Suddenly Fox Television took the rest of us to a normally scheduled commercial break, but with that decision, we all collectively got to miss a genuine and emotional musical moment that will be lost to most baseball fans in history, but was just so San Francisco.

While the rest of the country was probably sitting in their living rooms, maybe ducking to the kitchen for a bite or possibly in a local watering hole laughing or talking, there was a moment happening back live in San Francisco that sent 43,000+ into a true love fest for this classic “City by the Bay”. And I got to admit it, I was extremely jealous I did not get an great opportunity to treasure and sing during this awesome moment myself.

From the beginning of the first few bars of this classic rock ballad, the assembled crowd must have been mystically transported back to 1973 when in this same fair city, former Santana Manager Herbie Herbert put together a small eclectic group together first known as the Golden Gate Rhythm Section. But this San Fran born band did not develop their true heartbeat and soul until 1977 when they let the cascading vocals of Steve Perry flow into their music.

I would have cherished hearing those first few bars echoing in my ears, providing a grasp of past and present moments with each note struck in a bit of suspended time, but also getting a chance to show my chops off on a World stage like that, even if only a few people around me got hear me roar.

I immediately harkened back to a few weeks ago when an old Karaoke friend Michelle and her son got to sit behind me at the Rays game when the team clinched their postseason berth and she began to tell everyone around us about my “Journey” voice. Believe me, Michelle herself has a great set of pipes, and coming from her those comments did make me blush a bit…inside.

I am an admitted Karaoke junkie, tortured garage band singer, and someone who has the range and ability to sing this same song with intensity and clarity it deserves….I am a fond fan of the song “Lights” from the first time I danced with my date during my Sophomore year at the Homecoming Dance.

This song to me is a great homage to the sparkling lights and nuances of a cityscape and can be evolved and contained to remind anyone of their great city with just a closing of their eyes. Classic musical moment lost by the advertisements of humanity to sell me a bigger, fattening Chalupa.

Just like Boston has their Neil Diamond classic “Sweet Caroline” and New York has Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” , music can set the tone and rhythm of our lives. Heck, who doesn’t get a bit excited when something like “Cotton-Eyed Joe” comes out over the loudspeakers at a game…Just be glad it was not the “Chicken Dance“.

This one Journey song may have its origins south of this Golden Gated city, but it is all San Francisco treat from start to finish.

It is one of those songs that has stuck with me from my youth and is on my friend’s Jerry permanent “Rays Renegade” play list when I enter the Banana Boat tavern where he does his weekly Karaoke show. Funny, it is one of the first songs people want to hear from me, and maybe since we are also a “City by the Bay” here in St. Petersburg, Florida, I love performing it.

During that short three minute time period the crowd within AT&T Park went on a sentimental trek of sorts singing at the top of their lungs about a classic ballad that actually was about Los Angeles, but seems more fitting and poetic about the winding streets and cityscape of San Francisco.

Duk, who writes “Big League Stew” for Yahoo Sports got to be within those 43,000+ fans singing their hearts outlast night in Rightfield. Nestled above those lucky fans who got to stand in the “Knothole Gangs” spot for free for three innings and possibly also witness this awesome musical moment. And wouldn’t you know it, great Giants fan Steve Perry was in the house rocking out to his classic tune. 

But me, I was channel surfing during the commercials and oblivious to the emotional wave taken over the assembled crowd in San Francisco. But because of conscientious Youtube fiends and videophiles I will get a chance to try and picture myself among the 43,000+ singing at the top of my lungs in my home until that those last few sung words of “Do I wanna be there in my city?”………..Oh, oo oh….I Do!