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The Baseball Song…Enjoy!

I have to admit, I had never watched a Corey Smith video before a Tennessee baseball friend (Ashley) sent me this great link. Sometimes I get into a music shell from October to March, and Smith definitely did not register as a “blip” on my musical radar before Ashley alerted me to his presence. Even greater news to my ear buds is that Smith will be making a Tampa Bay appearance at The Dallas Bull in Tampa, Florida on Friday, April 13th. I will definitely be in attendance for his show ( tickets cost $10 in advance, $15 day of the show).

I was somehow oblivious to an artist who has already Sold Out 15 of his shows already this year. Heck I am now officially asking the Tampa Bay Rays to possibly bring in Smith who already has the “Fortune favors the Bald” hair style. This same Georgia native, who married his U GA college sweetheart has over the past 5 years played over 650 shows, grossed $ 7.5 million in revenues and put over 600,000 butts in the seats. With his own dollars and musical sense he has released 6 albums that have sold 150,000 copies and 800,000 single downloads. (Hint, hint…Rays he has performed the National Anthem at Atlanta Braves games in the past).

It is a great thing to see an artist no matter if he is Country, Alternative, Reggae or even Pop pay tribute to this great game. I am so glad I got this link, and this video recorded while Smith was sitting in one of his son’s rooms ( he has 2 boys 4 and 5 yrs old) and the tune resonates not only Smith’s love for the game, but hints at some great moments between a Father and son in the future.

Glad I got a taste of Smith’s country flavor of music…And this Southern boy is going for a definite second helping. I hope he plays the tune again on April 13th! By the way, the Rays are on the road in Boston on this date, so maybe a few other Rays fans will join me at the concert.

Thanks Ashley and Elizabeth.