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Tommy Bahama to Offer Unique Rays Collectible




When I first heard that Tommy Bahama was going to introduce a special Tampa Bay Rays collector’s edition inspired shirt this season, I began to hide a little bit of money every week so I would have the cash on hand to purchase it on the first day of its introduction.

Then I got the email inviting me to the special reception complete with an RSVP, and a few lite bites, music and cocktails. Seemed like the prefect way to ring in the 2011 season with a special gathering at the International Plaza in Tampa.

There was even a chance to win a special autographed player photo and a special baseball inspired gift with every purchase. More and more my mouth began to salivate and I almost had to pick-up a napkin.

Looking forward to seeing who shows up, and who is ready to plop down some hard earned cash for the exclusive shirt just in time for the Rays Opening night gig on April 1st. Will there be a few Rays players scattered out in the event’s crowd? Will there be a speech, or just a pulling of a white sheet from the sales racks and the race is on to grab your unique Rays collectible?


I am actually looking forward to the event, and hopefully I have put away enough chicken scratch to hopefully get two of the Tommy Bahama shirts….I gotta dream big.